Degrees and Certifications:

Major in History and minor in Education AP European History certified AP World History certified

Mr. Tyler Hargrave

Hello Parents, Guardians, and Students

My name is Mr. Hargrave, and this is my 5th year teaching at Germantown High School.  It is also my 5th year of teaching after graduating from Millsaps College with a degree in History and a minor in Education.  I came to Jackson, MS from Lafayette, LA where I am still proud to call my first home.  I frequently talk about my Cajun heritage and the great food that my family cooks.  I love trying my best to keep that tradition alive and cooking as often as I can.  I also, of course, love supporting our local sports teams, LSU, ULL, and the Saints.  

While at Millsaps, I played baseball for 2 years under Coach Jim Page and joined the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity at Millsaps College where I was an active member for 4 years.  Along with holding leadership positions within my fraternity, I also participated in many organizations and leadership positions on campus.  These include being a member of the annual Diwali performance for 3 years, an SBA (Student Body Association) senator for 2 years, a Summer Orientation leader for 1 year, and a Foundations Leader (aka First Year Student Experience leader) for 2 years. 

After not being very involved in high school, I am still shocked sometimes by how much I was able to accomplish while at Millsaps College, but I feel that each leadership position I held brought me more real life experiences that I felt would make me a better teacher and leader in my community someday.  I encourage all of my students to not wait until after high school like I did to start getting involved with different activities.  There are SO many things you can do at GHS which I did not have the luxury to have at my high school, so just find one thing to try.  Whether you are in 9th grade or 12th grade, it is never too late to join something that will teach you some life skills while having fun and making friends along the way! 

I hope we have a great school year this year, and I cannot wait to get to know both you my students and your parents/guardians!  We use technology ALL the time in each of my courses, so make sure you have your laptops and even phones charged and ready to go every day you come into class.  I will plan to make my lessons as interactive as possible as I believe you learn best from experiences, but this requires following my class rules with RESPECT being the number one rule.  If we can have respect for me, your classmates, and the classroom and have active participation in class, I will make sure you get the most out of our time together.

For everyone, I use Remind 101 all the time, so whenever we get that set up, make sure you sign up for that.  Everything we do will correspond with Canvas somehow, so if you miss a day, that would be the first place to go and see what we did for the day.  The best way to contact me with any questions will be via email at

Thank you,

Tyler Hargrave