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    There are also PowerPoint presentations to use with your science lessons - click on link found on the left side of this page.

    Science Lab Kits (available in the science lab)

    • Bird Beak Adaptations - adaptations of different types of bird beaks to show what they eat using utensils different types of food.
    • CD Bubble - physical science lab demonstrating how heat changes plastic.
    • Circuits With Christmas Lights - students create a parallel and series circuit using Christmas lights, foil and a battery.
    • Cloud in a Bottle - simulates a cloud in a soda bottle using a match.
    • Cotton Cloud - demonstrates saturation and how a cloud fills with water and then rains.
    • DNA - kit to put together a DNA molecule
    • Endangered Species- outside activity in which students represent bears gathering food.
    • Exploding Bag of Juice - shows the chemical reaction between vinegar and baking soda.
    • Gulp Gulp Digestion - demonstrates how food goes through the digestive system using food and other materials.
    • Hot Rocks - types of rocks and rock cycle, students make three types of rocks using crayons.
    • Shaving Cream Lab - demonstrates differences between solids, liquids and gases using shaving cream.Students also make tie dyed paper.
    • Magic Candle - demonstrates air pressure.
    • Matchstick Rocket - physical science using a match, foil and paperclip to launch a matchrocket.
    • Water Cycle Bracelet- students create a water cycle bracelet using beads representing the different parts of the cycle.