Dear parents/guardians:


    Welcome to a new year of math! Your child will be using College Preparatory Math (CPM) this year.  CPM uses a style of learning that has been around for over twenty years. Research has shown that retention of mathematics is much greater with this approach; in addition, students refine skills that are needed in the workplace, such as team work, communication, and critical thinking. The focus is on the student discovering new ideas and relationships. In this course, you will learn to use new models and methods to think about problems as well as solve them. The students will be developing powerful mathematical tools and learning new ways of thinking about and investigating situations. They will be making connections, discovering relationships, figuring out what strategies can be used to solve problems, and explaining their thinking. The mathematics your child has learned in the past will be valuable for learning in this course. The students problem solve as a team. The role of the teacher has shifted from lecturer to facilitator of learning. The teacher will be checking in with each team numerous times during the class to ensure that the learning goal is being met. In addition, the teacher will be verifying that all students are participating in the learning process. As noted above, research shows that children who work together to solve problems retain the information better than children who work individually. The students will work in cooperative learning groups as well as independently. (If you are interested in reading some of the research, go to http://cpm.org/research-base.)


    This series combines spiraling comprehensive review of standards through notes, homework, and assessments. Homework will not be focused on one particular topic, but rather will be a review of past and present content. If your child struggles with any of the homework problems, have him/her go to the homework help page (homework.cpm.org ). They will find this resource extremely helpful as it will walk them through some of the assigned problems with which he/she is struggling. In addition to the support provided by their teacher and the student’s study team, CPM has also created online resources to help the students, including help with homework, and a parent guide with extra practice. These resources and more can be found at www.cpm.org. Thank you for you continued support!


    We are looking forward to having a great year!


    OTMS Math Department