• To all of my precious kiddos,

    I miss and love all of you soooooooooooo MUCH!

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    Message from Mrs. Umphlett


     March 23-27

    Distance Learning Week 2 materials are on canvas.  Email me if you need me! You can write your answers on a sheet of notebook paper.  

    If you have any issues with your canvas, you can view and print the materials here:

    ** For whatever reason, you have to click the link 3 or 4 times for it to finally download.  It it keeps saying "page moved", just continue to keep trying it. It should finally download.  You can definitely get if off of your canvas, so try that too! **

    Distance Learning Week 2 Daily Schedule

    Good Enough Article and Materials

     I suggest that you get a folder just for ELA work and put everything that you do in that folder. :)