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    Ms. Washington



    Hello, I am Ms. Washington. I am so excited about being your child's Kindergarten teacher.  This year will be filled with fun, LOTS of learning, and new adventures. I cannot wait to meet you all.


    About Me

    My birthday is July 25th. I have been teaching for 10 years. I began working with children at the age of 16.  I always knew I would become a teacher. I have taught 3rd-5th grade science. As well as Virtual First Grade. I have a dog named Bentley. I received my bachelors and masters in Elementary Education from Mississippi College in Clinton, MS.

    My Favorites

     Favorite color: Pink

     Restaurants: Newks, Outback, Char, Logan's Olive Garden, Koestler Prime

    Stores: Bath and body, Target, Walmart, Amazon

    Snacks: Nothing Bundt Cakes (Lemon, Confetti, Vanilla),Salt and Vinegar Chips, Boom Chicka Popcorn (Kettle)

    Drinks: Gatorade Zero, Minute Maid drinks, Coke Zero

    Collectibles: candles and lotion (bath and body works) Sun-drenched linen, Pure Wonder, Sweat Pea

    Flowers: sunflowers, daises, and roses.



      Brown     Miss Brown

    Hello I am Miss Brown, I am excited to be Ms. Washington's assistant for the year! This is my 2nd year being an assistant teacher.  I love working with kids and extremely excitied to be assisting in your students' learning this year. I attended Ann Smith K-2nd grade and graduated from Ridgeland High Shool.  I have a sweet dog named Atlas! I have my Bachelor's degree from Mississippi State University in Public Relations Communication. 

    My Favorites

    Color: Yellow

    Restauraunts: Trace Grill, Lulu Kabob, Koestler Prime, Cazadores, Starbucks, KFC

    Snacks: Dill pickle chips, Blue Doritos, Sour Gummy Worms, Anything Salty, Kit Kat Bars

    Drinks: Sweet tea, Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, Yellow Gatorade

    Flowers: roses, sunflowers, peonies