• Mrs. Hutchison


    6th Grade World History


    I am excited about beginning my 23rd year of teaching, and my 13th year in middle school! I began my teaching career at Madison Avenue Elementary with 1st graders, but I have to say, 6th graders have quickly become my favorite! No matter what grade or what school, my mission is to make a positive impact on students and help them on their journey to be the best they can be! 

    I look forward to all that this year will bring as we journey through 6th grade together!


    a Story

    Be kind today. 

    Everyone has a story. 

    Behind the busy, the impatient, the rushing, the waiting, 

    There is a heart with a story inside, 

    You just don't know it by appearances. 

    Be the person who adds love, joy, hope, and kindness

    To the stories of others. 

    ...Rachel Marie Martin