This is my fourth year teaching at MAE, but I was an elementary student here several years ago. I have taught lower elementary throughout my five years of teaching.  I have a wonderful wife, who is a SPED teacher at MAUE, and two wonderful children, Evie (Third Grade) and John Auden (First Grade).  I graduated from Mississippi College with a degree in Elementary Education and a Masters of STEM Education.  When I am not teaching, I am spending time with my family, cycling, tending to plants, running, or helping with Cyclocross Kids bike program.  I am thankful I have been called to this profession and will try my best to ensure understandings in my students that can be transferred into all areas of their lives.  I am ecstatic to start the year with your children!

    I will be using several means of communication to showcase what your children are pursuing in the class. They include:

    Remind 101




    Let's get this learning party started!



    We are super blessed to have Mrs. Booker as our assistant this year! Mrs. Booker is in her 8th year as an assistant teacher. She has 3 children. She will be in and out of my classroom to help guide students through their work.  She loves this school, these children, and believes learning should be fun and active.