I am so thankful for summer, but I cannot wait to get the year started!  I am looking forward to meeting a fresh crop of 2nd Graders that are ready to put an exclamation point on their adventures at Madison Avenue Elementary.  Please stay tuned to my page as I will be updating classwork and events regularly.


    This is my first year teaching at MAE, but I was a student here many years ago. I have taught lower elementary throughout my three years of teaching.  I have a wonderful wife, who is also a teacher, and two wonderful children, Evie and John Auden.  Evie is going to be starting Kindergarten at MAE and John Auden is three years old.  I graduated from Mississippi College in Elementary Education and am working on my Masters of STEM Education.  When I am not teaching, I am playing in my garden, riding my bike, running, and spending time with my family.  I am thankful I have been called to this profession and try my best to insure understanding in all of my students.  I am ecstatic to start the year with your children!



    My Family