Hello Parents,


    "What is The Highland Gentlemen's Academy?" I am glad you asked. The Highland Gentlemen's Academy is an all-male mentoring gentlemen's club to help boys that face many challenges along the road to adulthood. Boys moving through primary schools to secondary education are dealing with puberty, peer relationships, expectations of their family, teachers and society, along with the hope of appearing cool especially in front of girls.  We want to show them how to maintain a level of maturity as well as giving your young adult a male role model that they can trust.  

    "What are the requirements for The Highland Gentlemen's Academy?" In order to participate in the program your child must be a registered 4th or 5th grader at Highland Elementary. Also, provide a small fee of $40.00 which will cover various activities, T- Shirt, and an end of the year awards banquet.  Participate in “Professional Dress Tuesdays” each week.  Refrain from receiving any disciplinary infractions outside of the H.G.A program. Actively participate in H.G.A. activities. An eager to learn attitude. 

    "What are the goals of The Highland Gentlemen's Academy?" Mentors at Highland along with the mentors in the surrounding communities will come together and build a bond with your child helping your scholar with Leadership Advice, Communication Skills, Proper Etiquette and Manners, Truthfulness, Encouragement and Life Skills just to name a few. At the end of each month students who have mastered the achievements for that month will get to participate in the end of the month actively.  An addition to that the top students will be recognized at the end of the year award banquet.

    "What are the consequences of The Highland Gentlemen's Academy?"  Although, this program is open to the first 60 students, we do have rules set forth. Students who receive (2) office referrals or (1) suspension will not be allowed to participate in the end of the month "Fun Activity". We want to help your child improve on his disciplinary infractions if any.

    "Our Promise to you".  Young boys need structure and people who will genuinely listen to your young adult. With increasing divorce rates and low number of male teachers, boys have less available male role models in their life than girls.  Boys usually go through puberty later than girls. During puberty high levels of testosterone impact boys' behavior from being disorganized, energetic and angry. Adolescent boys are more likely to engage in risk taking behavior as well. Our goal is to show your scholar how to handle life issues, be proactive and most important to be RESPECTFUL, and instill confidence in his strengths, using them to overcome weakness. We will also help them gain their confidence with public speaking. Educate them to reject the traditional view of men as tough, strong and being disconnected from feelings, and embrace masculinity as courageous, empathetic and sensitive.




    First "Gent Session" of 2018-2019

    Mr. Knox (Principal)


    1st Gent Session




    Special Thanks To Mr. Robert (Firefighter)






    Special Thanks To Mr. Porter (Minister)


     Mr. Porter





    Special Thanks To Mr. Alexander (Air Force)






    Special Thanks To

     Mr. Justin Bell (Former Ole Miss Offensive Linemen & Arena Football Player)


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     Special Thanks To Calton Baylis Transmisson Lineman/Farmer





    Highland Gentlemen Escort for Miss Mississippi


     Miss Mississippi Miss 2