• Hi!! My name is Katie Maley! I have the privilege of teaching Special Education at Madison Avenue Upper Elementary. In our classroom, we focus on improving our Math skills, handwriting skills, Reading skills, and learning how to do certain life skills. The main goal in our classroom is To Love Learning, Our Friends, and Ourselves! 

    I grew up in Oxford, MS and graduated from Oxford High School in 2001. From there, I went to college on a full scholarship to play the french horn and trumpet. I majored in Education and graduated in 2005 where I started my first teaching job at Bramlett Elementary in Oxford. So obviously, I love all things Ole Miss!

    When I am not at school, my husband, Tres, and I are busy raising our eight children. We have a son in 9th grade at Rosa Scott, a daughter in 7th grade at Madison Middle, a son and a daughter in 6th grade at Madison Middle, a son in 4th grade at Madison Avenue Upper, a daughter in 1st grade at Madison Avenue, and a son and daughter in kindergarten at Madison Avenue. Our home is very loud and very busy, but we can't imagine having it any other way.