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     THURSDAY (A Day)

     January 21, 2021



    Meatball Pita, Potato Wedges, Parsnip Fries

    Salsa Turkey Burger, Spicy Chicken Sandwich, Cheeseburger

    Hawaiian Pizza, Cheese Pizza, Pepperoni Pizza

    Chicken Caesar Salad, Chicken Pita


    • Look under General Announcements for more information about The Coolidge Scholarship. The deadline to apply is Wednesday, January 20, 2021 by 5:00 p.m. EST.
    • Order a 2020-2021 yearbook on the school website for $70.


    • Congratulations are in order for sophpmore Nathan Smith. He has been selescted as out Germantown High School representative for the 2021 Hugh O'Brien Leadership Seminar. This summer, the Mississippi College in Jackson. During a three-day HOBY experience, students gather at unversity sites across the U.S. to explore  and discover their personal leadership strengths and learn how to apply them to serve their community. The Hugh O'Brien Leadership Conference is probably one of the most prestigious leadership conferences available to 10th graders and we know that Nathan Smith will represent us well!
    • The Coolidge Scholarship, also known as "The Coolidge," is a full ride scholarship covering student's tuition, room, board, and expenses at any four-year accredited U.S. College or University. The Coolidge Scholarship is open to current high schooljunior (Class of 2022), who are American Citizen of legal permentant residents that plan to enroll in college fal 2022. The Coolidge Scholars are selected primarily on academic excellence, and secondary criteria includes an interest in public policy, an application for and understanding of the values President Coolidge championed, as well as humility and service. The top 100 applications are invited to participate in the Coolidge Senators Program in Washington, D.C., and will receive a $1,000 scholarship, will receive a one-time finalist scholarship. Visiit www.coolidgescholar.ord for more information. The deadline to apply is Wednesday, January 20. 2021 by 5:00 p.m. EST. 
    • We Care Box: The GHS Counselor’s Office will be utilizing the We Care box this year as a source of communication between the students and GHS counselors. The black box is located between the library and art hallway. It is designed to be a confidential course of communication for students to report to the Counselor’s Office other students who are in need, a danger to themselves or others, or other concerns. Concerns placed in the box are taken very seriously—please only make a report if you have a legitimate concern! Reports can be made anonymously; however, it is very helpful to have the name of the person reporting the information in the event further information is needed. If you have a legitimate concern about another student, please fill out one of the yellow WE CARE forms located in the folder on the outside of the mailbox and drop it inside the box. The box will be checked in a timely manner.  
    • Please visit the Counselor’s Office tab on our website (ghsmavs.com) for scholarship information.