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    MAE Kingdom System

    This system aims to encourage a real sense of pride and achievement for children.  It fosters community spirit and gives the children an opportunity to contribute something bigger, which involves children from all year groups.  The older children will hopefully serve as positive role models for the younger children.  

    This will give us a chance to help children see that:

    When we make good choices it is will be good for everyone.

    We can all be successful if we work hard and if we work together.

    It is good to work with others towards a goal.

    When we make poor choices this can affect others and that we are responsible to ourselves and others for the things we do.


    Each child is placed in a kingdom on entry to school and will remain a member of the kingdom throughout their time at MAE.  Staff members are also randomly placed in a kingdom.  Staff will encourage and support the children with positive team building and weekly character education lessons on Friday mornings.  


    Kingdom points can be awarded by all staff to children for a variety of reasons.  For example:

    Polite behavior

    Demonstrating a caring attitude towards peers

    Working to the best of their ability

    Good attendance

    Putting special effort into a piece of work


    Positive attitude

    Taking part in competitions and events



    Each teacher will use their own form of behavior system in the classroom that works best and incorporates points that will be collected by kingdom and given to the office, tallied and used for end of 9 weeks terms rewards for the house with most points.  They will receive a special event to celebrate.

    Students with major referrals will not be allowed to attend.

    At the end of the year, Kingdom Champion will be announced and awarded a special year end event.

    Character lessons are taught in Kingdoms each Friday morning, followed by whole school MAE Kingdom meeting with Super Jags announced from each class and special area class.  One will be drawn to spin a wheel to earn extra points.  Kingdoms will cheer regardless of the kingdom that wins!


    Kingdom colors are:

    Respect-  Red

    Responsible- Blue

    Safe- Orange

    Yellow- Fair