• Scott Minchew (2019-20)


    Teacher -  Intro to Biology, Environmental Science


    E-mail - sminchew@madison-schools.com

    contact hours

    9-10:30 a.m. ; 1-2:30 p.m.


    Welcome Message

    Hello everyone, I hope that you and your families are doing well and taking this seriously. Please take care of yourselves during this crisis. I will be posting all assignments on Canvas and you will need to complete them and turn them in on Canvas. For my Intro classes, we have been working packets all year. You will need to complete the vocabulary and turn it in on Canvas as the first assignment, read and work the practice questions in each section to prepare for the chapter review questions at the end of each packet. All chapters have been open on our home Canvas page and will remain this way. You will need to click on assignments from your Canvas home page, here you find what you need to be working on and when it is due. I will except any mode of turning your assignments in ( word document, work on paper snap a pic and turn it in ect...). Vocabulary and chapter review questions for a packet each week will need to be turned in on time. The practice questions throughout each packet are only to help you with the questions at the end of the chapter and will not be graded. There will be hard copies of the packets at the beginning of each week for those of you that do not have access to a computer or the internet. Each of you please stay safe and if you have any questions or problems contact me via E-mail. I hope to see all of you safe and sound soon.

    About the Teacher

    This is my 4th year at Ridgeland and my 23rd year teaching and coaching. This year I am teaching 4 Intro to Biology classes and 2 Environmental Science classes. I am an assistant coach for football, powerlifting, and track.