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    • Tuesday/Wednesday: October 1st/2nd
      • Students will complete number two on their Science World Mav Mark. We will review atoms and work some problems as a class. After, students will work problems individually and turn in (This will be one of their homework grades).  Students will begin working on their scientists project. Each group will work on researching their assigned scientist. 





    Penguin Reflection:

    Second Block Penguin Reflection

    Third Block Penguin Reflection

    Fourth Block Penguin Reflection

    Fifth Block Penguin Reflection

    Sixth Block Penguin Reflection

    Eighth Block Penguin Reflection


    • The test for this unit will be on October 17th (A-Day) and October 18th (B-Day)



    • Monday/Tuesday: October 7th/8th
      • Students will complete number four on their Science World Mav Mark. We will go over the students quiz. We will complete a scientists lab in preparation for the student's quiz next class. Students will then complete a scientists review study guide. 
      • Homework:
        • None


    • Thursday/Friday: October 9th/10th
      • Students will complete number five on their Science World Mav Mark. After, we will complete an activity on protons, neutrons, and electrons. We will also review the Scientists. 
      • Homework:
        • Study- Tesday 10/17 and 10/18
        •  Study- Quiz on scientists next class!
        • Finish atom study guide


    • Friday/Wednesday: October 11th/16th
      • Students will complete number six on their Science World Mav Mark.  We will then complete review stations in preparation for the students test next class. Students will take a quiz on the scientists
      • Atoms Study Guide Blank
      • Atoms Study Guide with Answers
      • Homework:
        • Study- Test Next Class


    • Friday: October 11th- Food Truck Festival


    Food Truck


    • Thursday/Friday: October 17th/18th
      •  Students will finish their scientists presentations. After, we will complete various activities as a review for their test next class.
      •  Quizlet Review Link
      • Homework:
        • Study- Text next class 


    • Monday/Tuesday: October 21st/22nd: 
      • Students will study during their Mav Mark time. After, we will do a quick review. Students will then complete a test on protons, neutrons, and electrons counting and scientists.
    • In order to be successful on the test, students should know the following:
      • Definitions of protons, neutrons, and electrons
      • Location of protons, neutrons, and electrons in an atom
      • Scientists and their discoveries for the following scientists: Democritus, Aristotle, Dalton, Thomson, Rutherford, Chadwick, and Bohr
    • Atoms Interactive Notebook Notes
    • Homework:
      • None 


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