• Kelly Mitchell

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    Ms. Mitchell  


    Welcome to 7th grade Science! I am so excited to have the opportunity to share my love of Science with all of my students. This year the students will learn about: chemical and physical changes, atoms and elements, weather patterns, climate changes, and inquiry skills just to name a few. Please make sure to visit my website in order to stay current on all the things happening in Room 702! 


    About the Teacher

    I have lived in Madison County my entire  life and am a graduate of Madison County Schools. I recently graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi with a degree in Biological Sciences and a minor in Chemistry. SMTTT! I enjoy traveling and spending time with friends and family. I am looking forward to having a great year at Germantown Middle School. Please email me if you have any questions or concerns. Go Mavs!

     Helpful Hints

    I encourage both students and parents to sign-up for my Remind 101. In order to sign up, you can text @7science18 (include the @ sign) to the number 81010. I will not send daily reminders through Remind 101, but I will send reminders about upcoming tests or important school information.   

    Please remind your students to look over Science everyday. We will cover a lot of material in a short amount of time. Have your students rewrite their notes in their own words, teach you the material, make note cards, and drawing the diagrams and pictures we go over in class. Spending 10-12 minutes each night will help your student be successful this school year.

    Zero block will take place in my classroom on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday beginning at 7:30. Students are welcome to come during this time to receive extra help, study for upcoming tests and quizzes, or work on assignments. 

    Assigned Grades  

    1. Mav Marks will be checked after students have completed for ten days. We will correct them every day, so they will be graded for accuracy.  Each day is worth ten points. Mav Marks will count as a minor grade.

    • 5 points for the copied question and 5 points for the correct letter and corresponding answer

    2. Homework is checked for completion and sometimes accuracy and must be turned in on time. Five points will be deducted for each day the assignment is turned in late. Homework will count as a minor grade.

    3. Quizzes will be given throughout a unit in order to gage student’s understanding of the material. Pop quizzes may also be given throughout the unit. Quizzes will count as a minor grade.

    4. Tests will be given at the completion of a unit. Test dates will be announced at least two weeks in advance in order to allow students enough preparation time. The tests will be counted as a major grade.

    5. A NM” stands for ‘No Mark’ and serves as a ‘place holder’ for an upcoming assignment. The “NM” doesn't’t affect a student’s average. A “NM” may also be placed in the grade book if a student was absent when an assignment was given. Once the assignment is completed, the grade will be replaced.

    6. A NG” stands for ‘No grade’ and is averaged in as a zero.  This shows the student did not turn the assignment in when it was taken up. However, the student may still turn in the assignment for partial credit. An “NG” could also be assigned if the student did not put their name on an assignment. Students are welcome to check the ‘No Name’ board located in the classroom to see if their paper does not have a name.