• 4/30/18- 5/4/18



    Greeting to everyone,

    We are vastly approaching the end of the school year. Attendance is crucial. Please make every effort to attend school. Letters will be sent home to those students who are in danger of failing English I/ACT PREP II this week. Students will be completing in class assignments for the remainder of the school year. Some revisions will be made. Students will receive their essays this week. Final drafts will be submitted for a test grade on next week. The date will be announced. 

    Students will be notified regarding exemption from final exams. 

    Please view directives regarding homework, class assignments, and other pertinent information for the remainder of the year under the homework blog. The cost of summer school is $305. The dates of attendance are May 31, 2018 thru July 27, 2018. ACT PREP I OR II will not be offered during the summer session.

    All ninth grades students must pass English I and have a minimum of six credits in order to be classified as a freshman for the 2018-2019 school year. Students, who fail English I, must retake English I during summer school in order to meet this requirement. Attendance during the summer session does not guarantee a passing grade. You must complete assignments and pass the course in order to receive credit. 

    Please feel free to contact me through Remind or email @ treaves@madison-schools.com. 


    Have a great week


    Mrs. Reaves