• The mission of the East Flora Elementary School Counseling Program is to provide quality comprehensive school counseling services. In collaboration with other educators, families and community stakeholders, the counseling program will promote and enhance the social-emotional developmental needs of students to help them overcome challenges, that interfere with reaching their fullest potential.


    The students at East Flora Elementary are safe and responsible individuals. All students participate in a rigorous curriculum that emphasizes academic excellence and encourage critical thinking skills. The comprehensive school counseling program supports all students and facilitates strategic partnership between the school, family and community to eliminate the achievement gap and equip students to achieve their full potential as productive individuals who make positive contributions to an ever-changing global society. The vision is based on the following beliefs:


    •All student needs are best met through the implementation of an effective comprehensive school counseling program delivered by a licensed school counselor
    •All students can grow academically, socially, and emotionally
    •All students have unique strengths
    •School counselors must be leaders and advocates for all students
    •School counselors must actively engage children, families, and community members, and fully develop them as partners in the educational experience