• Alicia Bell - Choral Music Education

    Mrs. Bell's 2019/20 School Photo



    About Mrs. Bell 


    My goal is to offer a place for students to express their creativity in music, to learn through experiencing and performing, to respond to what they do and learn, and to make connections with music, the world, and other content areas. 

    From the National Association for Music Education website:



    The 2014 Music Standards are all about Music Literacy. The standards emphasize conceptual understanding in areas that reflect the actual processes in which musicians engage. The standards cultivate a student’s ability to carry out the three Artistic Processes* of


    Performing, and


    Students need to have experience in creating, to be successful musicians and to be successful 21st century citizens.

    Students need to perform – as singers, as instrumentalists, and in their lives and careers.

    Students need to respond to music, as well as to their culture, their community, and their colleagues.