• OTM Reading Fair

    Reading Fair

    Olde Towne's 2018-2019 Reading Fair will be held Thursday October 25th in the Library.

    Your English/Reading teacher will give you additional information
    This is a great opportunity for you to share your favorite book. Find a book that inspires you to be creative with your storyboard so you can show that OLDE TOWNE PRIDE. The book or text can be fiction or non-fiction.You can do it with a peer and enjoy a group project!    Consider a non-fiction category if you like to be a winner because there is often not a lot of competition! You can also do a Reading Fair POWERPOINT or digital presentation.  If you do a PowerPoint make sure you WOW the judges.  We don't want a mediocre presentation at OTM. Remember to be BLUE! U is for Uphold Excellence
    The Reading Fair is a statewide competition sponsored by the Mississippi Department of Education (MDE)  You can find the official guidelines on their website: Click here to print these guidelines out.
     2018-2019 Reading Fair Student Guidelines
  • Reading Fair