• One Book, One School:

    What is this wonderful program?  At school, students celebrate and explore the novel with their classmates and others in their school. This essential strategy reinforces reading instruction, increases parental involvement, bridges the home-school connection, and builds a true community of readers.  We are focusing on vocabulary and reading comprehension. 


    This semester we are reading the book, Francine Poulet Meets the Ghost Raccoon, by Kate DiCamillo.  T

    What are Mercy Watson and her neighbors up to now?  This is "The Second Tale from Deckawoo Drive".  So if you like this book, check out the series!

    Francine Poulet is the greatest animal control officer in Gizzford County.  Francine is never scared- until she's faced with a screaming raccoon who may or may not be a ghost.  But whether Francine is scared or not, there's a raccoon on the loose, and the folks on Deckawoo Drive need her.

    picture of the cover of the book, Francine Poulet Meets the Ghost Raccoon

    About the Author:  Click on the link below:

    Kate DiCamillo