Resources & Websites

    We love to help OTMS students with their research papers. We can help students find valid information sources online and in print.


    magnolia The MAGNOLIA databases is an excellent site to begin research on a myriad of topic.   Bookmark this site on your computer at home! A password is needed to access this site from home; password for OTMS is magn0897.


    MAGNOLIA was established during the May 1997 legislative session, under the auspices of the Council on Educational Technology, when the MS Legislature appropriated funds for the purchase of databases for all MS public funded libraries.  Without this statewide project our libraries would not have the access to such a vast number of full text journal articles. Please take advantage of these databases so that our legislators will continue funding this project.

    WorldBook Online

    World Book Web

     Worldbook Online – online encyclopedia and so much more!  Please check it out.  The MCSD has purchased this great resource for our use!  
    Follett Destiny is the circulation or catalog software we use  in our OTM Library. This link will allow you to search our catalog.  https://madisonschools.follettdestiny.com/common/servlet/presenthomeform.do?l2m=Home&tm=Home&l2m=Home

    Other Helpful Websites

    • Hippocampus (Offers help on 10 subjects.  Excellent written, audio and video tutorials.)

    • Cliffs Notes (200 free literature guides, plus more overviews on sciences)

    • INT Math (A great resource for high school math:  Concepts of algebra, probability, calculus, and other subjects are explained clearly.)

    • SOS Math (Teaches by examples...tons of step-by-step problems and solutions)

    • The Purdue Owl (200 free lessons and guides for grades seven and up.  Advice on research, essays, and structuring a thesis.)

    • Grammar Help (Concentrates mainly on the mechanics of writing and less on the creative process of composing a paper.)

    • Biography.com – search 25,000+ biographies by name, keyword or profession

    • EasyBib –  easy to use wizard to help with MLA citation format

    • Pics 4 Learning – http://pics.tech4learning.com/ copyright friendly photographs.  How cool is that!??

    • Google