• Serenity Luckett


    In 2018, Serenity Luckett was tapped as principal of Highland Elementary School, which serves Ridgeland students in grades 3 through 5.  Luckett has served as an educator for 15 years, most recently as assistant principal at Olde Towne Middle School, also in the Ridgeland Zone.

    “Highland Elementary strives to be a leader in academic excellence. We will celebrate diversity, create a welcoming environment for our students and families, and work with the community to ensure our students' needs are met,” Luckett said.

    Luckett first joined Madison County Schools as a teacher at Madison Station Elementary and later at Madison Crossing Elementary, before becoming principal at Brown Elementary in Jackson Public Schools.

    “I strongly believe that all children are capable of success,” she said, “and I am determined to create a learning environment that fosters each child’s full academic potential so that they become functioning and productive members of society.”

    Luckett is also a parent in the Titan Zone, with two of her children at Ridgeland High School, one at Ann Smith Elementary, and one at Highland Elementary.

    “I have fallen in love with the Ridgeland Zone, and after two years at Olde Towne Middle School, I have come to feel a part of the families and community of Ridgeland,” she said. “I am a true Titan!”