Analyze Your Favorite Song 

    March 30- April 3rd Assignment 


    I wanted to give you something that gives you a break from your regular work and allows you to dive deeper into a song you love. I know we all, at some point, find ourselves singing along to song and not know what it means. Often, we dont even know all the words. This also gives me a chance to get to know you guys a little better. 

    Description of project

    1. Think about your favorite songs and choose one for analysis and reflection (school appropriate).
    2. Use the “Your Favorite Song” sheet to research the background of your song and record reflections.
    3. Submit your song and analysis.

    Attached below is the file you will submit. I have created a module on canvas that has this assignment on it. I would prefer for you to submit the assignment on canvas. if you ar ehaving problems with it, you can email me your completed work. 


    Favorite Song Analysis