• Good Morning Students! I hope that you are all doing well, and know that we teachers are missing seeing your smiling faces every morning!

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    Today's distance work can be found on the blue link below. This is review material for Expressions, Coordinate Planes, LCM/GCF, and Ratios.  These pages contain work that we have already covered.  After completing Friday’s assignment you can take the Mastery Connect quick check. The class codes will be posted on Friday March 27th

    (If the link below does not work, please reload and try again)

    math work march 23

    math work march 25

    math work march 27

    Mon-Fri Answer Key


    March 27th masteryconnect Quick Check codes:

    1st Block:   944016

    2nd Block:  718469

    3rd Block:  616892

    5th Block:  808028

    6th Block:  964740

    7th Block:  374248