• Dear Edwina Rehearsal Dates:
    April 22 (Sat) - 1-4 in GMS Cafeteria.  
    April 29 (Sat) - 1-5pm in GMS Cafeteria.  Full rehearsal.  We'll see everybody there!
    May 6 (Sat) - This will be the first time our students will have the chance to perform the show onstage with all sets & props, so it is extremely important that everyone is there!  The exact time of rehearsal is still in progress, but we will let you know as soon as it is available.
    May 8 (Mon)- After school the students will be bused over to Ridgeland High School.  Please plan to pick up your child from the RHS Auditorium by 7:00pm.

    May 9 (Tues) - After school the students will be bused over to Ridgeland High School.  Please plan to pick up your child from the RHS Auditorium by 7:00pm.

    May 10 (Wed) - After school the students will be bused over to Ridgeland High School.  Please plan to pick up your child from the RHS Auditorium by 7:00pm.
    May 11 (Thursday) - Encore! will leave by bus at 8:45am and arrive at Ridgeland High School. 
    Matinee:  10:30am open to GMS students through PBIS "buy-in"
    Followed by Encore! Celebration lunch at Northpark Mall Food Court in Ridgeland, MS.  Students will return to Germantown by 1:30pm.
    Evening Performance: 6:30pm.  Tickets are $5 at the door.
    Encore! cast should arrive at RHS Auditorium by 5:30pm.  Please make sure your child hs a light dinner prior to the show. Cast party - TBD.
    April/May 2017 Updates 
    Welcome to the homepage of "Encore!"  This is a select group of students who will be performing 2 musicals throughout the year.
    Congratulations and WELCOME to our newest Encore! Cast Members for 2017-2018! 

    Avery Addison

    Kristen Arrington

    Maddie Campbell

    Saddie Campbell

    Logan Chapin

    Dennis Chappel

    Allen Cheeks

    Lexie Corder

    Perry DeLoach

    Darby  Dew

    Langston Dillon

    Millie Edwards

    Christina Elder

    Thomas Fetcko

    Ava Hardee

    Addy Huddleston

    Darion Hunter

    Jacoby Johnson

    Nyla Johnson

    LaDaisia Keeton

    Isabel Kupihe

    Makayla Marshall

    Ella McGuffie

    Kamilah Millsap

    Coen Mooney

    Gabriella Morgan

    Emma Morrison

    Gracia Oden

    Mary Lane Ray

    Isabella Reynolds

    Kylee Robinson

    Sarah Rogers

    Kaitlyn Rouse

    Erin Simon

    Sarah Stoddard

    Charlie Thompson

    Olivia Tullis

    Sydney Tullis

    Kate Umphlet

    Anna Werhan

    Our second performance will be of Dear Edwina, Jr.  
    Image result for dear edwina jr 
     Synopsis of the Musical: 
    Dear Edwina JR. follows the adventures of plucky advice-giver-extraordinaire, Edwina Spoonapple, as she directs the neighborhood kids in a series of buoyant production numbers for the latest edition of her weekly "Advice-a-Palooza.” Edwina and her friends share wisdom on everything from trying new foods to making new friends through clever, catchy and poignant songs.
    Performance Dates:
    Thursday, May 11.  6:30pm  PERFORMANCE, Ridgeland High School Auditorium.                                                                $5 Admission.  
    Dear Edwina, Jr. Cast List!
    1. Edwina Spoonapple – Emma Ellard

    2. Becky – Perry DeLoach

    3. Kelli – Gracie Guest

    4. Scott – Whitten Gray

    5. Kid 1 – Sydney Tullis

    6. Kid 2 – Gabbi Morgan

    7. Kid 3 – Kelli Quartemous

    8. Kid 4 – Kaitlyn Hurtt

    9. Kid 5 – Erin Simon

    10. Kid 6 –Evan Clark

    11. Kid 7 – Gracia Oden

    12. Lars Vanderploonk – Coen Mooney

    13. Annie, (girl scout) – Gabbie Morgan

    14. Bobby – Christian Gipson

    15. Billy Vanderploonk, (box office manager) – Jacoby Johnso

    16. Cordell, (house manager) – Sam Owen Jones 

    17. Aphrodite – Emma Bridges

    18. Susie – La Daisia Keeton

    19. The Napkins – Kristen Arrington, Mya Bell

    20. Johnny – Caden

    21. Queen of Boola Boola – Amari

    22. Wildcats – Kamilah, Sydney Tullis, Kaitlyn Hurtt, Kaitlyn Rouse, Molli Amis, Madison Brown, Charlee Anderson

    23. Abigail – Erin Simon

    24. Vladimer – Jacoby Johnson

    25. Frankie – Caden

    26. Frank’s Ma – Gracia Oden

    27. Carrie – Maddie Campbell

    28. Chef Ludmilla – Katherine M.

    29. William –

    30. Sonoma –

    31. Fairy Forkmother – Nyla Johnson

    32. Periwinkle – Mya Bell 

    33. Lola – Kamryn Lee

    34. Harry – Sam Owen

    35. Ziggy – Evan Clark

    36. Mary Sue Betty Bob – Kristen Arrington

    37. Farmer Jerry – Sam Owen

    38. Katie – Chloe Cupstid

    39. Ann Van Buren (talent scout, voice-over) –

      40.Myra Spoonapple - (kid sister/musical director) – Kathryn Marsh

      41.Jo Spoonapple (older sister/percussionist) – La Daisia K.

    What should students be working on?
    -Memorizing Lines
    -Singing through their parts in Ensemble & Solo numbers
    -Attending & reviewing notes from all "Blocking" Rehearsals 
    We're excited about this Fall's show!   
    http://www.mtishows.com/honk-jr  (Music Theatre International)
    We'd like to thank our...
    "Sponsors in Arts Education:" 
    bankplus  MPE
    Stay tuned for further updates!