Role of the Student Council

    ·       To create in partnership with the principal, staff and students, a better school life for the student of our school.

    ·       To provide students with opportunities of leadership and to develop in all students a sense of responsibility.

    ·       To encourage the students in the school to become more aware of how the school is run and to constructively identify and express their needs.

    ·       To contribute to overall school development by being involved in school policy development and to be a resource in working in partnership with the management of the school.

    ·       To act as liaison where appropriate between the students and the teaching staff and management.

    Structure of the Student Council

    The council will consist of one democratically elected President and Vice-President from the eighth grade, Secretary and Treasurer from the seventh grade and representatives from all grades.

    ·       To become a member of the council, a student must be recommended by one subject-area teacher and one elective teacher of their choosing.

    ·       The Officer positions will be filled by democratic student elections and by secret ballot.

    ·       The Grade-Level Representative positions will be filled by democratic Student Council elections and by secret ballot.

    ·       Only the students will vote in Student Council elections.

    ·       Each student will have only one vote.

    ·       If there is more than one candidate going forward an election will be held.  If there is only one candidate they are deemed elected once they have been proposed.

    ·       Ballot papers will be produced.

    ·       The votes will be counted by the SGA Sponsor Teachers and kept for verification.

    Terms of Office

    Each member will serve for one academic year, from the date of election until the following June.

    Officers / Activities

    After the council has been formed, the duties of elected members are as follows:

    ·       The President will run the meetings, adhere to the agenda and direct all comments through the council.  The President will ensure that all council members have the chance to express their views.

    ·       The Vice President will act in the absence of the President or Secretary.

    ·       The Secretary will record the notes from each meeting in a designated meeting book.

    ·       The Treasurer will manage Student Council funds and report on financial affairs to each meeting.

    ·       The elected representatives will advertise Student Council activities, issue statements regarding upcoming events/fund-raisers/issues for the principal to make during morning or afternoon announcements, and maintain the Student Council notice-board.

    ·       All members will report back to their classes on matters discussed at meetings and bring issues raised by their classmates to meetings.

    Council Sponsor Teachers

    ·       Attends Student Council meeting.

    ·       Acts as a link between staff members and the council.

    ·       Has a voice but not a vote.

    ·       Is a source of information.

    ·       Can take notes to complement the secretary’s notes.

    ·       To be a support to the council when needed and to be active when called upon.

    ·       To inform all members of relevant information.

    ·       To put student council issues / activities on the agenda for staff meetings.

    ·       To oversee and chaperone all activities of the Student Council.  chaperone chaperon


    The Student Council will meet weekly were possible on Wednesdays at during break in room 106 or as otherwise specified.  One or both SGA Sponsor Teachers will be present at all meetings.  The teachers will assist in the smooth running of the meeting but in so far as is possible, students should run their affairs entirely on their own initiative.  For any major decision to be voted on or agreed, at least two thirds of the council must be present at the meeting.

     inance and Fundraising

    An account has been opened in the name of the Student Council with the school.  The Student Council Treasurer will keep an up-to-date and accurate account of all money raised by the council and will provide a report to the council at the last council meeting of the year. All members are required to participate in the fundraising activities. NO EXCEPTIONS!!

    Attendance / Discipline

    When a council member has advanced knowledge that they cannot attend a meeting, they will inform one of their sponsor teachers. The council may co-opt a replacement where necessary.

    If a member misses three meetings or fails to fulfill required attendance at fund-raising events without a valid excuse, they may be asked to step down. Any member asked to step down must be given at least one week’s notice of the proposal and must be allowed to address the council in their defense.  Where a member is to be removed a vote must be taken and at least two thirds of the council must be present.

    Any violation of SSMS rules, routines or procedures will result in removal from the committee. Committee members are required to hold a grade point average of 2.0!

    Amendments to the Constitution

    Any changes to this constitution must be voted upon by the Student Council.  The constitution and Members Contract will be reviewed yearly or as appropriate.  At least two thirds of the council must be present at any vote.