• Cafeteria


    This website shows current menu: http://madison-schools.nutrislice.com/menu/highland
    Menu Prices: 

    Breakfast Prices
    Full Price Student: $1.75
    Reduced Price: $.30

    Lunch Prices
    Full Price Student: $3.00
    Reduced Price Student: $.40
    Adult Price: $3.50
    Adult Breakfast: $2.50

    Come Join Your Child For Lunch!  We would love to have you. Just remember that it is against state health laws for you to bring any outside foods (fast foods, soft drinks, etc..) into the cafeteria. If you would like to purchase a lunch or even pack your own sack lunch to eat with your child or simply sit and chat, feel free to do so. Not only will your child benefit from having a visitor, but so will the whole classroom!    

    Cafeteria Manager: Pam Weathers
    Cafeteria Phone: 601-853-8417

    Our Daily Cafeteria Schedule:

    Food Links We Recommend:
    Nutrition Data - Nutrition Data provides a wealth of information on the nutritional value of almost any food, from eggs to Blimpie sandwiches.  It provides complete listing of nutrition facts for food items, including calories, fat content, sodium, carbohydrates, etc.  It also suggests healthier substitutes to most foods.

    Peanut Butter Lovers - Still one of kid's favorite foods!

    Popcorn - Make a batch to enjoy and enjoy the lessons provided to improve your math and science skills!

    Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream - From cow to cone... this site may cause a severe craving for ice cream.