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    E-Learning 3/18/20

    Given the situation we must move to e-learning for the next few weeks.  I will make everything available on Canvas  for each grade level.  My contact hours will be from 9:00am to 10:30 and 1:30 am to 3:00pm  weekdays.  If need to ask any questions, need help on my assignemnts, or share information you may call or message me through the remind app.   You may also  reach me through email, remind, or call me through the remind app as stated.  You will need to check Canvas daily in order to make sure you see new assignments are added.  For example sharing on a discussion board.


    The assingments for each grade will posted in Canvas.  The first 2 weeks lessons for each grade will be available Monday March 23rd.  Grades 9 through 11 will focus on free thinking problem solving. The first Canvas assignments for these grades will be concentrating on solving a Mars robot problem.  Each of the grades have 4 small assignments that will each be a daily grade, but then totalled to be a test grade for the whole project.


    Seniors - the research project that we talked about will be the focus of your work from here on to the end.  I will post your assignments up front, but be on the lookout daily for additions such as discussion board postings and so forth.  Your reseach will primarily be posted as a webpage instead of in-person to the public.   More information to come, but monitor Canvas closely.


    Remember all the safety  stuff for when you are out and about.  Be safe and always wash your hands, don't touch your face, and sanitize after any interaction with others.


    My name is Bill Richardson, and I am the teacher/instructor for the Ridgeland High School Engineering Academy.  The academy focuses on robotics and mechanical engineering, and highly technical skills throughout its successive years.  Students will become skilled in CAD, robotics, additive manufacturing, CNC (subtractive) manufacturing, and design.


    My credentials:
    AA - Electronics Technology
    B.S. History
    M.Ed. - History
    Ed. Spec. - K-12 administration
    National Board Certified Teacher in Career and Technical Education
    Certificates & Awards:
    • CSWA (Certified SolidWorks Associate)
    • National Board Certified Teacher in Career and Technical Education
    • US Patent Office Teacher Institute graduate 
    • Star Teacher 2014 - 2015 
    • National Robotics Teacher of the Year 20??
    • Ridgeland City Make Award 20??
    • Madison County Middle Teacher of the Year 20??
    • National TSA Mississippi Teacher of the Year 20??
    • Raspberry Pi Certified Educator 2018 (Picademy Atlanta)
    • Robotics teams coach/mentor
    • FCC Radio Licensed since 1991 – Extra Class License
    • ARRL Teacher Institute I & II graduate
    Microsoft Certified Professional
    My interests:
    star wars  hunting Reagan 80's rock WW II Android rules Soccer Amateur Radio Robotics Scorpion Dr. Who
    Star Trek  had to do it to know Battlebots Bronco