• School Rules

    School Rules

    School Wide Rules:
    Be Responsible
    Be Respectful
    Be Safe

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  • Behavior


    All students will start the day on GREEN, which means they are Ready to Work. The goal of the day is for all students to stay on GREEN or move up to BLUE (Good Choices), PURPLE (Great Job), or PINK (Super Student). Students who exhibit excellent behavior throughout the day will be able to move up on the behavior chart! Throughout the school year, students will be rewarded for outstanding behavior.

    When students make a good choice, they move up. When students make a poor choice, they move down. They may go up and down all day depending on the choices they make. You will only see how your child’s day ended. The goal is for the students to learn to make good choices and end the day on a positive note. Students who reach Super Student earn Team Titan Tickets that are entered weekly in a drawing for RHS sporting event tickets, lunch with the principal, and other fun prizes. Good choices are also celebrated weekly and monthly in class celebrations.

    PINK:::::Super Student~Student continues to make great choices and is setting a SUPER example for the other students. A Team Titan ticket is awarded for this level.
    PURPLE::::Great Job Student continues to make great choices.
    BLUE::::::::Good Choices Good choices are made.
    GREEN:::::Ready to Learn Every child starts on this level each day. Clips are moved up and down as choices are made.
    YELLOW:::Think About It This is a warning about his/her behavior and a reminder to follow the rules and procedures.
    ORANGE:::Teacher’s Choice The teacher decides what action to take: loss of recess or other privileges will be given as a consequence.
    RED:::::::::::Parent Contact The teacher will notify parent via a note or phone call. A visit to the Principal’s office might also be in order.

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