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    Congratulations to the Academy of Healthcare Excellence for becoming the first MODEL Academy in the State of Mississippi!!! Our Academy was recognized by the National Career Academy Coalition in Houston, TX in November. 


    We are now offering the Sports Medicine Pathway in the Academy! What a great opportunity. Upcoming Juniors will be able to enroll for the 2019-2020 school year!


    Mission Statement: 
    Our mission is for all students to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the healthcare industry and achieve personal attributes to become responsible, productive citizens in a global society.
    The Germantown High School Academy of Healthcare Excellence is a three or four year "school within a school" program which offers a college preparatory academic curriculum as well as career and technical experiences for students interested in careers in the healthcare industry.  Our goal is to provide students with progressively higher levels of competence leading towards high skill, high-wage careers. We strive to introduce students to diverse health career opportunities so that, upon graduation, students will be prepared for skilled entry-level jobs and/or entrance into colleges, universities, or technical schools.
    This program provides career education alongside a thematic approach in medical health science for the core classes.  All subject matter is presented in a manner that demonstrates the relevance of the education to real life experiences and real health careers. In addition to classroom experiences, student have the opportunity to participate in leadership activities through HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America), field trips, workplace learning, job shadowing, mentorship's, and community service activities.  Because we believe that in order for our students to someday be able to provide appropriate, sensitive, and technologically proficient healthcare, it is necessary for them to have real life experiences in real life settings.
    Goals 2018-2019
    Goal 1: Academy of Healthcare Excellence graduates will enroll into post-secondary institutions or enter the workforce in the healthcare industry upon completion of high school. Objectives: 1) At least 90% of graduates will enroll into a post-secondary institution or enter the workforce in the healthcare industry

    Goal 2: Senior students will participate in internships and/or earn obtainable certifications during or after completion of the Academy.  Objectives: At least 85% of students will obtain certification through work based learning and/or complete an internship

    Goal 3: The student will grow in the areas of responsibility, critical thinking, content knowledge, professionalism, and collaboration with others, all while increasing performance in the classroom. Objectives: Each student will have a cumulative average GPA of at least an 80, score at least proficient on Biology (Freshman) and English (Sophomores) state tests, and score a composite ACT score of 20 or higher (Junior & Senior Year).