• 3/18/2020


    My name is Levi Williams, and I teach Orientation to Culinary Arts (Level 1) and Advanced Studies in Culinary Arts (Level 4) as part of the Academy of Culinary Arts at RHS. Normally this page is used to tell about myself and the program in general. However, during these unusual circumstances, this page will begin to transform as part of our distance-learning plan moving forward. Starting Monday, March 23, lesson plans, new contact info, links, and all news and schedules will be posted here. All of that information will also be sent via Remind101 and school email accounts, poted on CANVAS, and perhaps communicated by some as-yet determined new system, but this page will be maintained as a way to ensure that everyone can have access. 

    This page will be fluid and changing, and it will have a lot of new information regarding expectations for completing the course beginning on Monday. For now, please know that I am missing you all, and hoping you are all staying safe and following the suggestions and guidelines that have been set out for us all. Remember, you all have passed my "Safety Test," and many of you are ServSafe certified, so you actually know more about keeping safe than the average person! Keep washing those hands!

    Keep checking back here, on CANVAS, on Remind101, etc., and there will be plenty more information to follow. Take care of yourselves, and I'll talk to you soon -

    **Please check the "DISTANCE LEARNING" tab to the left for a bit more explanation of how this class will work moving forward**

    OFFICE HOURS: 9:00-11:00 am, 2:00-4:00 pm