Mrs. Rachel Clapper-Davis

  •  Mrs. Rachel Clapper-Davis



    Courses- English III- HTVP, English III, and Debate C

    Activities- Madison Central Speech and Debate Team, High School Democrats

    Team Website-

    About Me- Hi! I am Mrs. Clapper-Davis and this is my thirteenth year of teaching and my eighthh year at Madison Central! I graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi (SMTTT!) with a bachelor's in history, minors in journalism and theatre, and teaching certification. I am certified to teach English, History, Journalism, and Theatre. I am so excited to be teaching you this year!

    Canvas- Parents, please follow my canvas page! ALL WORK and DAILY AGENDAS are posted on Canvas daily. 


    How to Observe as a Parent on Canvas



  • 2022-2023 Madison Central Speech and Debate Team List



    1. Anyamele, Ogechi
    2. Armor, Autumn
    3. Coleman, Camille
    4. Elenkov, Sofia
    5. Gault, Nina
    6. LeFleur, Nicolas
    7. Maatallah, Adam
    8. Sinha, Shreya
    9. Tu, Jason


    1. Abdrabbo, Sara
    2. Bracey, Rakieya
    3. Hayes, Jayline
    4. Houston, Audrey
    5. Jasper, Kate
    6. Lane, Samiyah
    7. Mattingly, Kara
    8. Morgan, Emma
    9. Reed, Mia
    10. Robinson, Ava
    11. Scott, Walker
    12. Vuyyuru, Sneha
    13. Williams, Loria


    1. Jia, Emily
    2. McDougal, Alex
    3. Mosley, Erica
    4. Neyland, Allyson
    5. Sinha, Sara
    6. Washinton, River


    1. Belser, Joseph
    2. Biggerstaff, Wyatt
    3. Clapper, Noah
    4. Daniels, Violet
    5. Jones, Marlina
    6. Kalichka-Paiva, Nicolas
    7. Moncrief, Raine
    8. Rippel, Jackson
    9. Robinson, Jacob
    10. Trusty, Morgan
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