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    Mrs. Wilson
    7th Grade Language Arts
    7th Grade World Geography


    OTMS PHONE NUMBER - (601) 898-8730

    Dear Parent(s) and Students:

    My name is Lori Wilson, and I am your child’s seventh grade Language Arts teacher.  Welcome to seventh grade and to what I hope will be an exciting year!  Throughout the year, students will be studying language mechanics, literature, poetry, and a variety of writing styles and techniques.  Students will also improve skills in public speaking and critical thinking. Today begins a new school year for all of us, and I am looking forward to what each student brings to this classroom! As always, the start of a school year holds the promise of new discovery and learning, as well as the prospect of personal growth in all areas.  Your student was introduced to my classroom policies and procedures today. Please review the classroom rules and consequences with your student to ensure he or she understands the classroom and school-wide expectations. 

    Also note that if you ever have any comments, questions, or concerns, I am available for phone calls and meetings (by appointment please) each day before and after school.  You may contact me via email or phone, and I will respond promptly.

    I am excited about working with your child. I welcome questions or comments, and I am looking forward to a great year!


    Lori Wilson


    ***Homework information can be found to the left in the Homework blog

    Classwork Links for the year
    Freak the Mighty PDF
    1. Analyze the scene when Kenny makes Max go down the stairs first. What does this tell the reader about Max’s father?
    2. Kenny Kane tells Max that he “…can’t be trusted quite yet.” What does he mean? What do you think Max will need to do to prove he can be trusted?
    3. Take a second look at what you know about Iggy and Loretta and compare it with the new information from Ch. 19. Do their actions make them good or bad people?
    4. Why do you believe Killer Kane blames Max for costing him years in prison?
    5. What is Max feeling when he says, “I’m so small and weak and he’s so big and strong, you can’t stop him…”
    World Geography 4/25
    4/17 Scope article
    Unit 8 Vocabulary
    World Geography Ch. 11 PowerPoint
    Microscope & Telescope Essay
    Hero Unit
    Class quotes 
    1. "Education is not preparation for life. Education is life itself."
    2. "If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you."
    3. "Education is the key for unlocking your dreams and your goals."
    4. "No matter how many misktakes you make or how slow you progress, you are stilll way ahead of everyone who isn't trying."
    5. "Good, better, best
         Never let it rest
         Until your good is better
         And your better is best."
    Unit 7 Vocabulary
    3/5-3/7 Argument Essay
    2/7/19- Scope Article
    World Geography Interactive Map of the U.S.
    Poetic Portrait Assignment- Due 1/25/19
    Directions- Reread the poem "Beginning: 1920," the first entry of the book. Use it as a model to create a portrait of yourself or another person. The portrait can describe such things as how or where you were born, what you look like, what you do. Note the way Karen Hesse uses similes, comparisons with like or as (e.g. "cheekbones like bicycle handles," "mean as a rattler") in her poem.
    Use your own similes in the poem as you write. You must have at LEAST 3. Your completed portrait must be illustrated with photos and/or drawings. 
    Pele's Revenge
    Out of the Dust Resources
    Excerpt from A Christmas Carol
    Unit 2 Vocabulary words
    Narrative Writing Examples
    • Personal Narrative 1
    • Biographical Narrative 2
    • Fictional Narrative 3
    Rating Narratives Activity
    Unit 1 Vocabulary and Definitions
    Copy of the Independent Reading Project Guidelines
    Copy of the Writing Packet 
    ***This is worth one test grade.
    October 12, 2017
    Essay Analysis Activity
    Examples #1-4
    October 3, 2017
    1. Rescue Men Photo Gallery
    2. "Lost to the Perils of the Sea"
    Exit Ticket/Homework Questions
    1. What does the term peril mean? What context clues or prior knowledge did you use to help you determine the meaning of the word?
    2. Why have so many ships been lost, after the lethal dangers of the "Graveyard of the Atlantic" became widely known? Write 4-5 sentences in your response.
    3. List the names of the shipwrecks that can sometimes be seen from the shore. 
    Unit 3 Vocabulary
    September 8, 2017
    After the test on the Elements of Plot, review the Unit 2 vocabulary words.
    Unit 2 Vocabulary Workshop
    Vocabulary Workshop 
    Argument Essay Resources
    Should Balloons Be Banned-- resources for writing your essay
    Yes- Video shown to the whole class 
    Yes- Source 1 
    No- Source 3 
    Paired Texts-- February 9th
    Writing Discussions and Interventions-- February 8th
    Vocabulary Test on Units 1-3 on Wednesday.  The list of all 60 words can be found below.
    9/27 Test on theme, POV, central idea, and context clues
    MasteryConnect log in
    Context clues activities 1, 2, & 3
    Types of Conflict Notes
    3. Pronoun Practice 
    **Copy and paste the link into a new window!
    4. Pronoun Powerpoint
    5. Argumentative Essay Outline
    6. Pronoun Practice 12/8
    Comparative and Superlative Adjective PowerPoint
    Irregular Adverbs PowerPoint
     Commonly Confused Words
    Informational/Expository Essay Outline
    I. Introduction
       a. hook
       b. background information (discuss Burmese pythons in general & tell how the presence of the snakes is changing the Everglades)
       c. thesis statement
    II. Body Paragraph 1
       a. Main idea and details about changes in local animals
       b. Supporting evidence
    III. Body Paragraph 2
       a. Main idea and details about changes in people
       b. Supporting evidence
    IV. Body Paragraph 3
       a. Main idea and details about changes in ecosystem
       b. Supporting evidence
    V. Conclusion
       a. restate the thesis statement
       b. summarize main ideas and details presented in body paragraphs 
       c. strong concluding sentence