• Camden Elementary School


    Arista C. Guydon-Evans, School Counselor


    The mission statement of Camden Elementary Guidance Program is to work with all students, faculty/staff, parents, and the community to provide the students of Camden Elementary with a compassionate learning environment through social, personal, academic, and career counseling in order to be productive citizens of society. The school counseling program will focus on the following:  achievement (growth), attendance, behavior, and/or school safety goals.  The belief that every child is an unique individual and capable of learning lies at the heart of the guidance program at Camden Elementary.

     Make Tracks to Guidance When...
        ...You feel worried, sad, scared, angry or lonely, or just want to talk about your feelings.
        ...You need help with problem-solving.
        ...You want help coping with changes in your family.

    "Children don't interrupt my work; they are my work."