• Welcome to Madison Rebate Program

    For Business Owners who are offering discounts
    1. Who to contact in regards to any questions, comments, or concerns about REBATE?
    You can always use the contact button on the top of this page to fill out a form and contact us immediately. You can also email us any other concerns at rebate@madison-schools.com.
    2. How long will my discount be active?
    You may sign up to offer ongoing discounts or short term deals. Please specify the time period for your discounts and deals when submitting your REBATE form. If you wish at any time to alter or remove the discount you have offered to Madison County School District Employees through the REBATE program, please email rebate@madison-schools.com or fill out the contact from on this website. We will be glad to help you in any way possible.
    3. How do I offer a discount?
    If you go to the top navigation of this website and click the the "Offer Discounts" button, you will be redirected to an online form where you can fill out required information, including your business name, contact information, and discount information. REBATE will then email you when your discount is listed on the website.
    4. Who can offer a discount?
    Any business with a storefront who serves people who work for the Madison County School District in Madison County, Mississippi. REBATE will contact the person who submitted the online form to verify the discount. 
    5. Can the Business cancel its discount offer at any time?
    REBATE wishes for your business discount to be an incentive for Madison County School District employees. It is a significant gift for those people who already give so much of themselves to our students and our county. If in any case your business wishes to remove a discount, please email rebate@madison-schools.com or fill out the contact form on this website. We will be glad to help you in any way possible.

    For Madison County School District Employees who wish to receive discounts
    1. How do I find discounts?
    On the top navigation bar of this website you will find the "Get Discounts" button. Press here and this should take you to the "Get Discounts" search portion of this website. Here you will be able to search our database by keyword, city, or by category. Search however best fits you. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please notify rebate@madison-schools.com or simply fill out the contact form by clicking on the "Contact" button located on the top navigation portion of this website.
    2. How do I receive the discount?
    It is absolutely mandatory that you have a VALID Madison County School District Identification Card with you at all times when visiting the vendor or provider of the discount. If it is not up-to-date, current, expired, not yours, or you simply do not have it in your possession at that time, you can and will be refused the promotion. This discount program is exclusive to Madison County School District employees ONLY.
    3. What is your Madison County School District Employee Card?
    This card verifies that you are an employee of the Madison County School District and one should be provided upon contractual agreement. Your name, school district employee ID number, school you work for, and a current photograph should be located on the front of this card. This identification card is issued for the private use of only the person identified above. This card is non-transferable and void if altered. It remains the property of the issuing company/agency and must be returned upon demand. If you are found utilizing another person's ID card you are in violation of the law and could be prosecuted.
  • mccc
    The Madison County Chamber of Commerce is a business-builder and community enhancer. While they focus on the success of their individual endeavors, they also share a desire for the success of others. It is their philosophy that everyone contributes to the amazing growth of Madison County and its ranking as one of the best places to live and work in Mississippi.

    LMC is the signature program of the Madison County Chamber of Commerce designed to develop potential leaders. The nine month program looks at the inner workings of Madison County. The program explores education, government, law and order, diversity, and economic development. Participants must live or work in Madison County to apply for the program.