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    MAGNOLIA is an acronym.  Come to the library and tell me what ACRONYM means and tell me what MAGNOLIA stands for and I will give you Titan Cash, or maybe a better prize!



    The MAGNOLIA resource of many databases is an excellent site to begin research on a myriad of topics.   Bookmark this site on your computer at home! A password is needed to access this site from home; password for OTMS is magn0897.  If you are at school, you do not need a password.

    If your teacher says you need primary sources, informational text, or full-text journals, then MAGNOLIA is a great resource to use.  Click on the MAGNOLIA ICON ABOVE or this link:  http://library.msstate.edu/magnolia/

    MAGNOLIA was established during the May 1997 Mississippi legislative session, under the auspices of the Council on Educational Technology, when the MS Legislature appropriated funds for the purchase of databases for all MS public funded libraries.  Without this statewide project, our libraries would not have the access to such a vast number of full text journal articles. Please take advantage of these databases so that our legislators will continue funding this project.

    WorldBook Online

    World Book Web

     Worldbook Online  is an online encyclopedia and so much more!  Please check it out.  The MCSD has purchased this great resource for our use!  If you use it from your home, you do need a password.  The username is otmlibrary the password is very numerically common and you can contact me or come in the library to get the password. 
    WorldBook has other components that are great learning and research resources.  Here are a few.