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    "Welcome to the Library" is the heart of Old Town Library's mission.  We want everyone to feel welcome in the library and to have access to fiction books, non-fiction books, audio books, documentaries and online resources that support pleasure reading, learning and research.  We strive to have an active collection that supports the school's curriculum and subjects that interest our students.  At the beginning of 2022-2023 school year, we had 9,727 books, but that number constantly changes as we discard out-of-date and  worn books and we add new books.  We want students and faculty to love to read, love to learn and to have that love every day of their lives.  Reading and learning contribute greatly to lifelong fulfillment.  
    You can search all 9,727 physical books in the real, live library by going to Destiny Discover! (psst...you can see E-books too)
    The Destiny Discover icon is right below! Click it and start searching!
    or, you can start with Clever and go to Destiny Discover.
    Click Catalog on top left. Click Destiny Discover on the left.

    Destiny Discover icon


    You should arrive at a Destiny Discover site that lets you see book covers of the books in the library.  From this site, Destiny Discover offers basic database search engine functions where you can search by author, title, keyword, etc. The software indicates if we have the book and if it is IN or checked OUT. If you put the book on HOLD, I will deliver it to you!
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    About the Librarian, Mrs. McGraw!
    (Do I look anything like my Bitmoji?)
    Ms. McGraw
    This is my seventh year as Old Town Middle School's Media Specialist (Librarian) and I am always excited to serve the students and faculty of OTMS!  I love being in the school and educational environment and I really love being around BOOKS! I have a strong technical background with a BS in Computing and Information Systems from Mississippi College.  I was a technician in this District's Technology Department for nine years and a STEM teacher at OTMS for four years.  I was a student librarian assistant for Mrs. Drake when I was a student at Peeples Junior High School and I have loved the library ever since.  My e-mail address is smcgraw@madison-schools.com.  School Phone Number: 601-898-8730, ext. 1107
    Here is a Typical Day at OTM Library
    Teachers are planning
    Teachers are Planning  
    Students are doing written classwork or homework! 
    Students doing written work.  Paper is a medium (media) and Pencils really are technology!  
    This student is working on STEM work...
    I recognize this assignment as Unit 3 The Steps of the Design Process!
    My Favorite 
    Working on STEM homework. I recognize that as the Steps of the Design Process  
    And the books are patiently waiting for YOU....(Korman is the author...another favorite of mine)
    Library Books  
    Let's not forget the fish...do you know why they are smart?  
    Do Fish Read? Yep.