Welcome to the Olde Towne Middle School Library!
        Welcome to the Library          

    Our mission is to ensure that Olde Towne Middle School students can be both users and producers of ideas and information.  We will strive to:  provide support for using technology in day-to-day learning; advocate for lifelong learning and reading for pleasure; encourage students and parents to use the public library system; and provide equitable access to information, resources and services.


    We have a large collection of fiction and nonfiction for all levels of readers.We also have computers for research and printing. We are open in the mornings before school and in the afternoons until 3:30. If you are looking for a book recommendation or help with a research paper, the library is the place to go. We love helping OTMS students and teachers.
    You can search the OTMS Collection to see if we have a book you want by going to the Destiny Quest link above.
    Sheila McGraw
    About the librarian, Mrs. McGraw!
    This is my third year as Olde Towne Middle School's Media Specialist (Librarian) and I am so excited!  I love being in the school and educational environment and I really love being around BOOKS! I have a strong technical background with a BS in Computing and Information Systems from Mississippi College.  I was a technician in this District's Technology Department for nine years and a STEM teacher at OTMS for four years.  I was a student librarian assistant for Mrs. Drake when I was a student at Peeples Junior High School and I have loved the library ever since.  My e-mail address is smcgraw@madison-schools.com.  School Phone Number: 601-898-8730, ext. 1107
    Here is a Typical Day at OTM Library
    Teachers are planning
    Teachers are Planning  
    Students are doing written classwork or homework! 
    Students doing written work.  Paper is a medium (media) and Pencils really are technology!  
    This student is working on STEM work...
    I recognize this assignment as Unit 3 The Steps of the Design Process!
    My Favorite 
    Working on STEM homework. I recognize that as the Steps of the Design Process  
    And the books are patiently waiting for YOU....(Korman is the author...another favorite of mine)
    Library Books  
    Let's not forget the fish...do you know why they are smart?  
    Do Fish Read? Yep.