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Mrs. Frazier

Welcome to 8th grade United States History! My name is Mrs. Frazier and this is my 7th year teaching at Old Town. If you are a virtual learner looking for more information, please click on the "Virtual Learning" tab on the left-hand side of this page. I love teaching and I love history so I hope we have a great year! A little information about me: I coach cross country for middle and high school and I coach high school girls' track. I graduated from Tennessee Tech University where I ran cross country and track for 4 years on scholarship. I still enjoy running and ran in the Boston Marathon in the spring of 2019. I love to travel and experience new cultures. I've been to Nicaragua, Thailand, The Czech Republic, Scotland, England, Portugal, France, Italy, Austria, Germany, Spain, Malta, San Marino, Vatican City, Morocco, Japan, Malaysia, India, The Seychelles, and the United Arab Emirates. I try to travel whenever I can and I always have a story or a picture of my travels for my students. I'm a proud Titan and I love to help my kids succeed. If you have a question or comment please feel free to email me!

2020-2021 Syllabus (Traditional Students)

Meet the Teacher! (Remind 101 Code for Traditional Students)


VIRTUAL DAY 2/18- good morning everyone! We woke up without power this morning so I won't be able to post a Teams meeting. Your assignments are on Canvas and I also sent an announcement on Canvas so please check. Stay safe! 


Example Canvas Course Due- 9/11

Maps Module Due- 9/14

Signed Syllabus Due- 9/18

 Chapter 1 Section 1 & 2 Note Taking Guide Due- 9/16

 Christopher Columbus Crossword Due- 9/18

Chapter 1-2 Study Guide Due- 9/24

CHAPTER 1-2 TEST- 9/24

Chapter 3 Section 1 Note Taking Guide Due- 9/30

First Map Test- 10/2

VIRTUAL DAY 10/13: Go to Canvas, Modules, Virtual Day, complete "The Dissenters" Reading and discussion questions, then use your textbook to complete the Chapter 4 Section 2 & 3 Note Taking Guides. These are pdf documents that you can type in, save your work, then resubmit to Canvas. The link to the Teams meeting will be sent to your student email. 

CHAPTER 3-4 TEST- 10/15

Map of the United States Test Friday!! 10/23 

Road to the Revolution Test 11/2

Road to the Revolution Project Due 11/4

Map Test 11/6