• Parents, did you know that you can be an Observer in Canvas to monitor your student's progress?

    Follow the simple steps below to set up an account to be an Observer.


    1. You must FIRST secure a 'Pairing Code' from your student's account. In order to do this, you must log in to your student's account and click 'Account'.

    - Click 'Settings'

    - On the right hand side, click 'Pair with Observer' and copy the code down that is provided


    2. Now you must log out of your students account and click 'Parent of Canvas User'?

    - Fill out the form and be sure to enter the pairing code that you copied down

    - Click 'Start Participating'

    * You will now be able to login using your email and password that you provided when filling out the form.


    Follow these screenshots for a simpler look:

     Log in to your student's Canvas and follow the screenshots below.

    Pairing Code


    Paring code 2


     Log out of your student's Canvas and follow the screenshots below: