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    Tyler Crawford   

    Email: tcrawford@madison-schools.com
    School Phone Number: 601-859-6847

    Welcome to Madison County Career and Technical Center!


    About the Teacher

    Degrees and Certifications

    Bachelor's of Business Administration, Mississippi State University

    Masters of Business Administration, Mississippi State University

    IC3 Digital Literacy Certified

    C.O.O.L Essentials on-line Instructor

    FANUC C.E.R.T Robotics and PLC Technology


    General Information

    This is currently my 8th year teaching and working for Madison County Schools. I have served as MCTC's Engineering and Robotics teacher for the past three years. Our engineering program here at MCTC ranks yearly in the top for programs in the state. We have been highly competitive with our VEX robotics teams winning at the state level and have competing at the World VEX Championship 4 of the past 6 years. Our students have gone on to technical programs and universities in various fields. 

    My goal for my students is that they are introduced to concepts, programs, ways of thinking, etc. that they will see again when they leave MCTC and continue their post secondary education or inter into the workforce. We use industry level tools and software and work with various local companies and colleges to insure our progress is at the level expected by future employers or collegiate institutions. 

    I grew up in south Mississippi/ Louisiana. My mom was a teacher in the South Pike school district and my father was a fireman in Baton Rogue, LA. So you could say that I was destined to be a public servant. I fought this and decided I wanted to major in fiance and work in the finance industry. In case you missed it, the financial sector was not doing too well when I graduated college in 2008. Due to the circumstances of the time, I have worked in various industries, most recently before teaching I was in the restaurant industry. Education has been my longest worked in field and I plan to retire from MS public education. 

    I am married, my wife's name is Alison, who I met at MSU. We have one daughter named Emeree who is starting 1st grade in Madison County. We also have three dogs and a cat. One of our dogs is a Great Pyrenes named Louie who is in the process of becoming a therapy dog. We have a Siberian Husky named Chloe, she is not training for anything except napping. Our third dog is a Beagle Lab mix that we have had since he was a puppy eleven years ago, his name is Hurley. He has had two ACL surguries. Our newest member of the family is my daughter's cat/kitten, Pearl. She's funny. Cats are weird. 

    I love what I do. I love getting to work for MCSD. I love working at the career and technical center. I have small classes that usually allow me the opportunity to develop real relationships with my students. 

    My email address is tcrawford@madison-schools.com



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