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    Sue Bane


    STEAM Teacher


    Years of Experience
    I have been working in Madison County Schools for 19 years.  I was at Ann Smith Elementary for 8 years before I came to Highland for 11 years. I worked in the Special Education Department 17 of my 19 years.  This will be my third year teaching the STEAM Class at Highland Elementary.
    Applied Science Degree in Business
    Areas of Expertise
    Applying concepts learned in the classroom, Art and Crafts, Making learning fun
    Goals for this year
    We will enjoy planting, growing and harvesting vegetables in the Highland Garden.  It will  be exciting for the students to  see how vegetables are grown and learn that fresh vegetables are healthier for you. We will have seasonal gardens and continue it throughout the school year.
    We will also have fun studying different artist and making Art projects to beautify our school, Garden Art and Art for the Night of the Arts in the spring.  We will have hands on experience with Art, Science and Math, as we apply concepts learned in the classroom and garden.   Students will have many opportunities to build self-confidence and belief in themselves.
    About the Teacher
    I have been married for 33 years to my husband, Craig. We have two daughters, Hope and Grace.  They both graduated from UMMC Nursing School and are Nurses at Blair E Batson's Children's Hospital.    Craig and I are very involved at our church and with the Ridgeland High School Band.
    STEAM stands for:   Science, Technology, Engineering, ART and Math.  We will be doing many projects in the STEAM class this year.   Please check in on my website to see the Wishlist for our class.  Some projects will need more items than others.  Some will need items saved and collected at home, so I will need your help.  Following is our Wishlist for now, just to get our class going with supplies.     
    Apples or Pears  grown on your trees (Grandmaw's House).
    (These are to make applesauce or pearsauce to taste in class)
    Sugar                                                Small cups or bowls
    Plastic spoons
    Sharpies-Assorted Colors        Markers                                          Colored pencils                           Glue                                                  Glue Sticks                                    Cardstock
    First 9 weeks
    We are studying about the food we are growing in the Highland Garden.  Food tastes better when you grow it yourself.   The students have enjoyed seeing the vegetables that we have picked out of the garden, so far.  I wish we had enogh vegetables for everyone to taste them, but for now our garden is small.  Only a few classes have been able to taste the vegetables. 
    I am asking if classes if they have apple or pear trees at their house, so we can make homemade apple or pear sauce.  This goes along with our fresher and healthier food study.  The supplies needed are on the STEAM Wishlist
    We found 7  Tobacco Hornedworm Caterpillars on the tomato plants, in the school garden and will be studying about life cycle of the Hummingbird Moth\Caterpillars.   We would love for all of them to mature into adult Hummingbird Moths. Ask your student how to tell if they are Tobacco or Tomato Hornedwormed Caterpillars.
    Garden Club -- Wednesday's--First 9 Weeks
    We will be digging deeper in the garden each 9 weeks with Garden Club.  The students in Garden Club will learn to plant, care for, harvest and preserve the food from the Highland Garden.  We will be preparing the garden to plant the fall Veggies in the next few weeks.  If we can find apples or pears,  we will make apple or pear jelly in class.  We would also like to make pickles from our cucumbers in the garden.  Please see the following Class List and Wish List for these projects.
    Class List
    Apples/Pears                           Small  1/2 pint jars (@per child)
    Vinegar                                       Small  1/2 pint jars (@perchild)
    Mrs.Wages Kosher dill pickle mix