• Tina Williams, Campus Facilities Manager


    Campus & Facilities Manager

    Ms. Tina single-handedly maintains the day to day administration of our campus and facilities management.    She is our "Highland Superwoman" and we would be lost without her. Students know, love, and respect "Ms. Tina".    Staff and
    teachers rely on her as their "right arm".    The PTO appreciates her for all the times that she goes out of her way to show her school spirit!  

    Follow These Rules For Safety On The School Bus

    Each day, school buses take millions of children safely from home to school and back again. Although school buses are the safest way for children to get to school, children can be hurt or even killed–especially when they're approaching or leaving the bus. That's when children are in the greatest danger.

    Be sure you teach these rules about school bus safety:

    • Allow plenty of time to get to the bus stop. Children who are late may be tempted to run into a busy street.
    • Wait in a safe place away from the traffic. Sometimes, children play games while they wait for the bus. They should be sure these games never involve running near the street.
    • When the bus arrives, get in a line and wait your turn. Children who push and shove to be first on the bus can get hurt.
    • Follow the bus driver's rules. Children should be taught to respect bus drivers as they do teachers and other school staff members.
    • Don't stick hands, heads, or objects out the school bus window.
    • When the bus gets to school, don't push and shove to be the first one off the bus.
    • Never walk behind the bus.
    • Walk at least three "giant steps" (6 feet) away from the side of the bus.
    • If your child drops something near the bus, tell the bus driver before picking it up. Drivers can't always see children.
    • When getting off the bus, wait until the driver says it's safe. Before crossing in front of the bus, take at least five "giant steps" (about 10 feet) until your child can see the driver's face. Then the bus driver will also be able to see your child.

    Source: "Kids, The School Bus, and You," National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, http://www.nhtsa.dot.gov/people/injury/buses/schbus/schbus.html.