Velma Jackson High School                                                                                                              

    Teacher: Mrs. Rachel Cook

    Email: rcook@madison-schools.com

    Phone: (662) 468-2531



    Course Description:

    The Mississippi Occupational Diploma (MOD) curriculum consists of Life Skills Math, Life Skills Science, and Employment English. The goal is to equip students with the skills necessary to obtain competitive employment and self-sufficiency after exiting high school. 

    Objectives Covered:

    Job Skills Math
     M1. Read, write,compare, and order whole numbers.
    M2. Recognize and write number words representing numerals 0-100.
    M3. Compare and order quantities using ordinal numbers.
    M4. Identify Roman numerals.
    M5. Count by multiples.
    M6. Distinguish between odd and even numbers.
    M7. Identify place value through hundred thousands.
    M8. Estimate answers to problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
    M9. Recognize signs associated with basic operations.
    M10. Determine and apply the most appropriate method of calculation.
    M11. Determine proficiency in addition subtraction, multiplication, and division. 
    M12. Read and write fractions.  
     Employment English 
    E1. Recognize main idea in written, oral, and visual formats.
    E2. Follow simple oral and written directions given in a variety of situations.
    E3. Use personal learning strategies to gain meaning from written materials.
    E4. Determine when more information is needed and ask appropriate questions.
    E5. Determine when argument and propaganda are being used in written,oral, and visual forms.
    E6. Read to gain information needed in daily living.
    E7. Read and comprehend information from textual material.
    E8. Identify and use various sequential patterns to organize information.
    E9. Explain the definitions of terms related to the workplace and to daily living.
    E10. Use appropriate vocabulary in writing, speaking, and presenting.
    E11. Use appropriate oral language.
    E12. Use the basic conventions of standard English.
    E13.  Write to clarify information and to organize thinking.
    E14. Write to express meaning in personal and business situations.
    Life Skills Science
    L1. Identify foods necessary for good nutrition and design healthful meals.
    L2. Locate and identify nutritional information.
    L3. Identify health practices that prevent/reduce risk of illness occurring.
    L4. Idenfity common health concerns of teenagers and young adults and describe strategies to reduce health risks.
    L5. Identify risks associated with smoking, drinking, and drug use.
    L6. Recognize the importance of using prescription and over-the-counter drugs appropriately.
    L7. Name the body systems and their functions.
    L8. Practice health-promoting hygiene and demonstrate positive personal care habits.
    L9. Identify proper products for hygienic and places to obtain them.
    L10. Select the appropriate attire for home, school, community, and leisure situations.
    L11. State procedures for handling foods.
    L12. Explain consequences of mishandling food.
    L13. Identify factors contributing to accidents.
    L14. Describe basic safety precautions and procedures around the home, school, and community.
    L15. Prepare for emergency situations.
    L16. State reasons for allowing only known persons to enter one's home.  
    Course Policies and Procedures  

    Classroom Rules

    1.Follow school and district rules.

    2. Bring MacBook and other necessary supplies to class everyday.

    3. Raise your hand to ask for permission to speak or leave your seat.

    4. Respect yourself and others, including administrators, teachers, and classmates.

    5.  Enter the room quietly and be prepared to work.


    1st Offense – Verbal warning

    2nd Offense- Written warning

    3rd Offense- Contact Parent

    4th Offense – Office referral  

    **** Serious offenses such as fighting, disobedience, disrespect, and profanity will result in automatic office referrals. ****

    Positive Rewards

    Verbal and/or written praise

    Homework passes

    Computer Time                                                                                   

    Materials Needed

    Loose Leaf Paper

    Blue or Black Pen


    Grading Policy                                                          Grading Scale


    Tests, major projects, major paper     66%                     90-100=A     

    Homework, class work, quiz, etc.      34%                        80-90=B




    Classroom Procedures

    Enter and Exit Classroom

    Enter the classroom quietly and began to work on Bell Ringer immediately. You should be seated and working before the tardy bell. Exit the classroom quietly by rows making sure to clean your area before leaving. The teacher dismisses the class not the bell.

    Daily Agenda

    Follow the daily agenda as printed.

    Paper Heading

    Head all papers on the right side- Full Name, Date, Period, and Subject

    Turn in Assignments

    Class assignments must be placed in the incoming basket for your class period.


    Attendance is extremely important to the education process. You can’t learn if your are absent. In the event that you are absent, it is your responsibility to make up any missed work according the school wide policy, which is by the 2nd class after the absence. A grade of “0” will be recorded until assignments have been completed.


    Punctual attendance is mandatory for classroom success. Please be on time and ready to work. We will follow the school wide policy for tardiness. An office referral will be issued for a 4th tardy and disciplinary actions may be taken.

    Electronic devices

    The teacher may allow electronic devices to be used during class as it relates to the instructional process. Cell phones must be put away and turned off at all other times. Unauthorized use of a cell phone or other electronic device during class may subject a student to disciplinary action.


    Students will not be allowed to leave the class unless there is an emergency.

    Students should use the restroom before entering class.   

    Quiet Zone

    Students will remain quiet and on task at all times to ensure that all students can focus and do their best. REMEMBER our motto “Soaring Higher to Success."


    Homework will be given to reinforce skills covered in class.


    Study essential questions,vocabulary, and handouts daily.

    Daily Journal

    You are to use a composition notebook to write at least 2-3 paragraphs a minimum of 5 days in your journal. You will be given the option of a journal idea chosen by the teacher or any noteworthy “Ah Ha” moment of your day. Journals will be checked weekly and will count as a homework grade. If your journal is not checked on the due date, it will be recorded as a “0” until the journal check is completed. 

    Goals and Expectations for each Student

    I believe that all children can and do learn, but not in the same manner. My desire is to reach students where they are and strongly encourage them to excel.