• This is my second year at Highland Elementary as one of the counselors and my seventh year in education. I have previously taught Special Education with a high risk population, Social Studies, Mississippi Studies and World Geography.

    At Highland, I serve all of 5th grade and the following 3rd grade classes:

    Burnett, Braddy, Cook, Powell and Wilbourn.

    Please contact me via email at mhenderson@madison-schools.com or call 601-853-8103. 

    My goal is to effectively support the social, emotional, and educational needs of our students.  Our counseling program will consist of individual, group, and classroom guidance counseling.  Individual and Small Group counseling will focus on the needs of the students.  Classroom Guidance lessons will focus on character traits and pro-social skills.  Teachers and/or parents may refer students to me throughout the year.    

    A Few Things About Me:

    I was raiseHenderson d in the small town of Carthage, MS and it will always feel like home

    I love my little family: My husband Tom and son Thomas (or T3)

    I love college football and the NBA

    Cake is my very favorite food 

    My mom is a retired educator of 39 years and she has taught me how to be passionate about our children

    My favorite color is BLUE

     I am an old soul when it comes to music: Rock 'n Roll, Soul, Blues, Jazz and Country

    My favorite time is spent in the company of my family and friends and I am always chasing after T3