• Work-Based Learning (WBL) is an elective class that gives students credit for learning at their place of employment. The WBL course will foster self-directed learning; strengthen the development of core academic skills through application in authentic situations; allow students to explore career options; enhance communication skills, leadership, and problem solving; and contribute to community economic development. 

    WBL instructors are as follows:

    Laura Beth Guynes

    • Academy Internships
    • lbguynes@madison-schools.com
    • office: (601) 859-6847 ext 9010

    Jennifer Richardson

    • School-Based Internships
    • jrichardson@madison-schools.com
    • office: (601) 859-6847 ext 9066

    Steve Steed

    • Work-Based Learning
    • ste100@madison-schools.com
    • office: (601) 859-6847 ext 9061