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    Help earn money for MAUE. Each valid Boxtop for Education collected is worth 10 cents for MAUE. MAUE earned $575 with our last Boxtops submission! Let’s work together and earn even more with our next Boxtops for Education Check!

    Collect as many Boxtops as you can by Friday, March 31st! 

    Students collecting 10 or more Boxtops will receive

    MAUE Boxtop Bucks to spend at the next Jag Store! 

    (Note: prizes are not real money and can only be used at the April Jag Store)

    Boxtop Bucks will be issued for Boxtops collected in increments of 10. 

    10 Boxtops=$1 MAUE Boxtop Buck

    20 Boxtops=$2 MAUE Boxtop Bucks

    50 Boxtops=$5 MAUE Boxtop Bucks

    Boxtops must be valid to count! Please do not submit expired Boxtops.

    Clip and place them in a baggie or attach (glue or tape only) them to the collection sheet. 

    Be sure the Student’s Name and Morning Teacher’s Name are on the bag or sheet! 

    MAUE Boxtop bucks will be handed out in April for use at the Jag Store.

    Boxtops can be turned in at any time but to win MAUE Boxtop Bucks,

    boxtops must be turned in by March 31st