• Madison Station Elementary School


    Madison Station Elementary, in partnership with parents and community, will provide all students the opportunity to excel through an arts integrated curriculum providing relevant, diverse, and challenging learning experiences in a safe and positive environment.



    Kindle potential, nurture others, and inspire our dynamic world.

       Know the Whole Child.

       Nurture the Possibilities.

       Inspire the Future.


    Academics Excellence
    Focusing on a Child’s Mind

    We believe that the mission of our school is to instruct each child on his or her level and to advance each child academically in the areas of reading, writing, math, science and social studies. Madison Station Elementary follows the Mississippi Career and College Readiness Standards as the basis for planning units of study. Our students are tested each year to provide valuable information about how well our students are mastering the information taught. 

    Arts Integration
    Focusing on a Child’s Interests

    We believe that the mission of our school is to enhance academic opportunities through the infusion of arts into all curriculum subjects. It is our goal for students to gain knowledge and skills in all art disciplines, that Madison Station teachers and administrators will grow professionally and personally through their involvement with the arts and that Madison Station parents and community will be engaged in enhancing and promoting student learning through the arts.

    Fitness and Wellness
    Focusing on a Child’s Body

    We believe that the mission of our school is to immerse students in innovative approaches to physical fitness.  Using brain and body research, Madison Station Elementary teachers incorporate movement activities in the classrooms, encourage healthy eating and teach students how to care for their bodies.

    Character Development
    Focusing on a Child’s Heart and Soul

    We believe that the mission of our school is to further develop children to live and work together as families, friends, neighbors, and communities. Kindness and respect are the foundational traits of our school family.