• Information about MATHCOUNTS


    If your child is interested in MATHCOUNTS, please know that this is a class to prepare for math competition.  If your child enjoys math and wants to compete in mathematics, then MATHCOUNTS is for him/her. A maximum of 20 students are in the class. The top scores from the test will qualify for the class.


    Differences Between MATHCOUNTS and MATH CLASS


    1. MATHCOUNTS does NOT replace your child’s math class.


    1. MATHCOUNTS does NOT have anything to do with what math class your child is enrolled.



    1. MATHCOUNTS is a “club/team” similar to sports, band or Pathways.



    1. MATHCOUNTS is an elective.


    We hold a try-out for students to qualify for MATHCOUNTS. If your child does or does not make the team it does not affect their mandatory math class.


    If you child becomes part of the MATHCOUNTS team then your child will also take a 6th, 7th,  or 8th grade math course. He/she will have to math classes on their schedule.