• Fiber to the Home

    Join the Race! Fiber to the Home is an economic development project that involves Ridgeland residents. Ridgeland needs your help! Many people are wondering what Fiber to the Home is, what it means for you as a citizen of Ridgeland, how to get the service to your house, and when it will be available.

    Why is the City of Ridgeland involved?

    The City of Ridgeland officials always strive to get information to our residents about new available services. The City of Ridgeland views Fiber to the Home as an economic development project that includes the installation of fiber optic infrastructure by a private company. Economic development projects usually involve heavy negotiations between city officials and private entities, but in this case, interested citizens can really make a difference by taking a lead role!


    What is Fiber to the Home?

    Fiber to the Home is a transformative infrastructure project that will provide service that includes an ultra-fast 1 Gbps Internet connection, plus home phone and television, provided over fiber optic connections directly to the home. Fiber to the Home provides Internet speeds at an average of 100 times faster than most other Internet services that are available locally today. This technology is deployed through fiber optic cabling which has been used for commercial, industrial and telecommunication applications for years. The bottom line is that fiber optic technology is ultra-fast and can provide a variety of benefits now and especially in the future as new technologies can no longer operate at slower speeds. Click here for link to Frequently Asked Questions.

    What it Means to Ridgeland Residents

    Fiber to the Home is a breakthrough technology that can dramatically change the way you connect and bring technology into your home. Speed this fast opens immense opportunities for the individual user to discover new opportunities. To start, here are some key benefits to consider:

    • Web browsing with instant page changes and no buffering.
    • Gamers will enjoy a truly rich, more immersive multi-player experience.
    • Download movies in seconds.
    • Stream multiple movies simultaneously on devices throughout the home.
    • The future promises everything from virtual doctor visits, remote access to the classroom, and even live participation in civic events right from your living room.
    • Improve home values and resell potential.
    • And endless opportunities to gain access to future technology.

    Fiber to the Home has the potential to transform our community into an even more desirable community, which would lead to improved city services and quality of life such as better police and fire protection, better roads, expanded parks and multi-use trail system, and the best restaurants and shopping opportunities. Fiber to the Home will make Ridgeland unique since access to this technology is extremely limited in almost all residential markets.


    How to get Fiber to the Home to Your House

    Fiber to the Home is currently only being offered to certain areas of Ridgeland and a select few other cities in Mississippi by C Spire*. C Spire selected Ridgeland following a competitive selection process. Ridgeland officials worked hard to bring its citizens this opportunity. Since the infrastructure is not currently installed, C Spire has committed to offer the service in certain areas of Ridgeland provided that those areas meet pre-registration requirements. Residents must pre-register to become eligible. Residents will be asked to pay a $10 deposit which can be recovered on the first bill. If for some reason C Spire decides not to offer the service in a certain area, C Spire pledges that they will refund the $10. Once a critical mass of citizens pre-register, C Spire will begin the installation process. C Spire would like to begin the installation as soon as possible.

    Ridgeland officials encourage those individuals who want this service to not only sign up, but also talk to their neighbors about signing up in order to reach the area’s pre-registration requirements. If you have questions about the Fiber to the Home project, please contact Bryan Johnson or Alan Hart in Community Development for more information.
    To pre-register, click here.
    * Highland Elementary, Madison County Schools and the City of Ridgeland do not expressly endorse C Spire or offer any guaranty of its products or services. Please consider all options available for getting Fiber Optic lines to your home.