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    Germantown High School

    409 Calhoun Station Parkway

    Madison, Mississippi 39110 


    Telephone Number: (601) 859-6150

    Fax Number: (601) 859-0389

    Web Address: www.ghsmavs.com


    CEEB School Code: 251749


    Cody Zumbro, Principal

    Assistant Principal: Brent Brownlee    /    Counselor: Taylor Walden

    Assistant Principal: Dr. Syl Burrell   /   Counselor: Dr. Candice Allison

    Assistant Principal: Jeffrey Coleman   /   Counselor: Cassandra Brown

    Assistant Principal: Corrie Ramage   /   Counselor: Shannon Cox


    Community: Germantown High School was opened in August 2011 by Madison County School District, one of the fastest growing and top-rated school districts in the state of Mississippi.  Germantown High School is located in Madison, a suburb north of Jackson.  GHS is a consolidated county school drawing students from Madison County.  The area’s convenient location, strong school system, high property values and easy access to Jackson have made south Madison County one of the most rapidly developing communities within the United States, according to the 2000 U.S. Census.  Family Circle Magazine named Madison as one of their “10 Best Cities” in 2007.

    Description of School: Germantown High School was established in 2011 and GHS currently has approximately 1,400 students enrolled in grades 9-12.  GHS offers Accelerated and Advanced Placement Courses in numerous subject areas: English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Natural Science, and Social Science.  These courses are designated on the student’s transcript as “Acc” and “AP”.  Accelerated classes are offered in English, grades 9-12.  Specific Advanced Placement courses are offered in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English (Literature and Language) and Composition, Calculus, World History, U.S. History, Government, Macroeconomics, and Psychology, for a total of eleven.  End of the year Advanced Placement Exams are optional, but offered in every subject listed. 

    Germantown High School also offers a Healthcare Academy. The Germantown High School Academy of Healthcare Excellence is a three or four-year "school within a school" program which offers a college preparatory academic curriculum as well as career and technical experiences for students interested in careers in the healthcare industry.  Our goal is to provide students with progressively higher levels of competence leading towards high skill, high-wage careers.  We strive to introduce students to diverse health career opportunities so that, upon graduation, students will be prepared for skilled entry-level jobs and/or entrance into colleges, universities, or technical schools.

    In addition to a strong college-preparatory curriculum, Germantown offers the following extracurricular activities: 21 varsity sports, varsity band program, varsity dance, Marine Corps JROTC and over 20 clubs.  Germantown students are encouraged to participate in various community service activities. 

    Accreditation/School Control: Germantown High School is accredited by the Mississippi Department of Education and is a part of Madison County School District.  Germantown High School earned an "A" Accountability Rating for the 2021-2022 school year by the Mississippi Department of Education.

     Description of School: Germantown High School is a public, four-year, comprehensive high school with a strong college-preparatory program. There are approximately 1,400 students enrolled in grades 9-12 for the 2021-2022 school year as follows: 9th grade – 396 students; 10th grade – 349 students; 11th grade – 330 students; and 12th grade – 294 students.

     Grading System:  All Germantown High School grades are recorded on the transcript as numerical grades. The letter grade equivalents are as follows: A = 90-100; B = 80-89; C = 70-79; D = 65-69; F = Below 64. The transcript of a high school student’s work will show both semester and final grades in each course. Transfer students’ transcripts are recorded exactly as received from their previous school.

     Grade Averaging and Ranking: Class rank and grade point averages are updated on a semester basis and include all graded courses from 9th through 12th grades. Weighted averages are determined by adding numerical semester grades using the following scales:

    1.10 x Grade – Advanced Placement Courses

    1.05 x Grade – Accelerated Courses (as specified below)

    Actual Grade – All remaining courses

    Class Scheduling:  Germantown High School operates on an 8-period, alternating day, block-scheduling format. There are 4 block periods per day, which are 94 minutes in length. The school year is divided into 2 semesters, with each containing two 9-week terms.

    Units Required for Graduation: Each student graduating from Germantown High School must have earned a passing grade on the state-mandated Algebra I, Biology I, English II, and United States History subject area tests. Additionally they must have earned a minimum of 24 Carnegie units distributed as follows: Four (4) units in English; Four (4) units in Math to specifically include Algebra I and Geometry; Four (4) units in Science, one of which must be Biology I and one Physical Science; Four (4) units in Social Studies to specifically include United States History, World History, Mississippi Studies, United States Government, Economics, and World Geography; One (1) unit of Fine Arts; One (1) unit of STEM; One-half (1/2) unit of Health; One-half (1/2) unit of Physical Education; and five (5) units of elective courses.

    Dual Enrollment: Germantown High School has an articulation agreement with Holmes Community College for senior students to participate in a ”school day” Dual Enrollment program. Beginning in 2013-14, Seniors had the option to take the dual enrollment/dual credit program here on the GHS campus.  Upon successful completion of the class, these students earn dual credit for high school and college credit classes.  To be eligible for admission for the Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit classes, students must have earned a minimum ACT Composite score of an 18 or SAT Combined Score of 990. They must also have an overall GPA of a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. Students taking the English Composition I and II courses receive college credit in English Composition I and II and high school credit for Creative Writing and English IV while meeting graduation requirements. We now offer College Algebra, College Trigonometry, and Art Appreciation all for college and high school credit. The high school credits are weighted 1.05.  

    Post-Graduation Statistics:  ACT average (based upon their highest ACT obtained) for the 2021 graduating class of Germantown High School was 20.97.  This is above the average for the state of Mississippi which was 18.2.