The results are in!
    Here are your 2017-2018 SGA Officers and Representatives.
    SGA Executive President- Ariana Ross
    SGA Executive Vice President- Britney Ngo
    SGA Executive Treasure- Morgan McCray
    SGA Executive Public Relations- Leah Bishop
                                                                         SGA Executive Secretary- Charity Brock 

    Senior President- Brooks Italiano
    Senior Vice President- Noah Berl
    Senior Treasurer- AnnDee Huskey
    Senior Secretary- Mary Beth Hilliard
    Senior Representatives- Liliam Camacho, Erica Hearn and Alexis Wilson

    Junior President- Candice Bruce
    Junior Vice President- Kayla Carter
    Junior Treasurer- Kulpreet Gill
    Junior Secretary- Oriana Carpenter
    Junior Representatives- Taira Bronson and Danye’ Knight

    Sophomore President- Camille Kelly
    Sophomore Vice President- Claire Richert
    Sophomore Treasure- Amber Parks
    Sophomore Secretary- Latoria Hicks
    Sophomore Representatives- Justice Owah and Holly Davidson
    Advisors: Parker Jackson, Leah Ellis and Lindsey King
    Rules and Regulation for SGA: Constitution
    We will meet the first Friday of each month at 8:00. Special meetings may also be called at the discretion of the advisor and executive officers.