• Tonos's Math

    6th Grade Accelerated Math    

    The best way to contact me is through email at: 
          Welcome to MMS!!!!   I am so excited about all of my new students and I already miss my former ones.   We are going to have a super year!!  I can't wait to meet these parents Monday  night!!!  Your child is wonderful!!!   We love working on Math in Room 628!!!
              My name is Robin Webb Tonos.    I have been married to Edward Tonos a physical therapist for 23 years.  I am a mother of two:  My daughter, Lauren, is in her first year of Occupational Therapy school here at UMC and my son, Robbie, will  be a Sophomore at MSU and he is in the Bagley College of  Engineering.     I have shared with your children that I have raised 2 children from birth and then every year I have about  25 kids of my very own every hour from 8 until 3:20!!!  I love my students!!!!  
              I am from Canton, MS (City of Lights).     I played college basketball at Belhaven College and tore my ACL ...... If you don't know what an ACL is, you are very lucky!!!  While at Belhaven, one of my most rewarding experience was that I taught swimming lessons to the blind students at the Mississippi School for the Blind.    After playing basketball at Belhaven  two years, I transferred to Mississippi State University.  I graduated from MSU with a degree in Business Statistics and Quantitative Analysis and minored in Math Education.  I have my Masters in Elementary Education from Mississippi College.   I have taught Math at Starkville High School, St. Joseph High School (Jackson), Northwest Rankin High School (NWR), Madison Central High School, Madison County's Academic Operation Center and here at Madison Middle School.  I have 22 years of teaching experience.  
    Favorite Hobbies:  Sports! 
    I love March Madness and college basketball!  I love to go watch my students play any sports so don't be surprised to see me at a ballgame. 
            Teaching and coaching is my Passion!!!    
             To this year parents:      I want to welcome you to our middle school and if you ever need anything, don't hesitate to let us know.  My very own children went through these great halls and had the best education!!!!   This is the most wonderful place to teach;  simply because  of  you,  your children,  great teachers,  great administrators and counselors!  Therefore, this is a wonderful place for your child to gain the confidence, knowledge, skills, and education to achieve success in their future. We have your child's best interest at heart.   I have loved watching my students grow up here!!!    I have lived in Madison County all of my life and I'm so proud to call Madison my home.    My heart is here!  I hope your child will feel at home here too!    Many blessings to you and your family this year!

          Our book is online at Bigideasmath.com and I will be getting your child set up on their on account in class the first couple of days of school.  We have a class set of textbooks and we have a classroom set of computers that we will be using daily.  Bigideasmath.com has tutorials and great resources.  I will show your child exactly how to log on.  They must keep their password handy as I will not have it.                             

           Helpful websites:            Khan Academy                   Google any objective in Math and also youtube any objective in Math:)     mathmasters.com     mathispower4u.wordpress.com/    google anything like proportions and there are tutorials:)