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    Tonos: Pathways

    6th Grade Pathways    

    My beautiful family
    My name is Robin Webb Tonos.  
    We are going to have a super year!!  I love  teaching 6th grade!!   The best way to contact me is through email at: 
          Welcome to MMS!!!!   I am so excited about all of my new students and I already miss my former ones.   I have been teaching Math here at MMS since 2003 and I have loved teaching the best students in Room 628!!!  I have moved into the Portable this year to teach our gifted 6th grade classes.  All students should write down every assignment in their planners daily.  Please email me anytime.  I will reply as soon as possible.  We are going to have a great year together!!!
    ****Please refer to my Canvas page for all updated information and assignments.